Presentation Day Results for Season 2008 -2009

Thank-you to all the teams and managers, and all the helpers, for making such an enjoyable and successful Presentation Day event.

Here are the awards for each team.

Team Managers Player Sportman Most Improved Players Player
U10 Falcons J.Ingles J.Birch S.Ogamari A.Witheroe
U10 Hawks S.Harris N.Wing O.Verlander Robbie Tocher
U11 Eagles C.Quinn James Yallop M.Trybus C.Armitage
U11 Hawks R.Forbes J.Shephard E.Tocher J.Harris
U11 Falcons J.Ogunware J.Balogan M.Johnson A.Bushnell
U12 D.Wilson B.Fullylove L.Verlander T.Ring
U13 Red H.Whitehead R.Walters T.Balow D.Codndee
U13 J.Gibbons c.Paxon T.Tierney L.Cowper
U16 S.Moreton A.Walker N.Taylor J.Schmid
U18 T,Hathaway J.Fing P.Savage S.Armstrong

Distinctions in the Watford Friendly League this year

Other Awards of Merit

Pictures From Presentations Evening