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8th May 2005 NWR 2 Garston Boys 1

Spring Plate Final Winners - (See Picture here)

West 46’,95’

Den Helder MoM Phil Thomas


A fantastic end to the season for Rangers, who have improved every week since the turn of the year and reward came today for their efforts.


The first 20 minutes saw Nascot with their backs to the wall and unable to get out of their own half. Pinned in by a persistent Garston they did not bring the ball down and play and although Phil Thomas battled supremely for every header, other challenges were being uncontested and Gartson pressed on. Unable to utilize this advantage Garston were unable to break through and strong defending from Alex Combridge and Michael Williams showed Nascots determination. Martin Richardson was in absolute control of everything that came his way and confidently punched clear from corners. His kicking was also excellent, a sure sign of his improved confidence.


Rangers settled and started to play football. Rob West started to pull the strings and released Sam Colbeck to torture the Gartson defence on the left with Alex Johnson pushing on down the right his two shots both went over the bar. Thomas worked tirelessly in midfield bravely winning almost every challenge. Louis Gullin came close as did Ridwan Koodruth with a fierce low shot, unlucky not to get a goal.


Colbeck pressed on, cut back from the line to cross for the arriving Tom Martin, with his shot driven too low into the ground and the pace taken away. Martin drove on the midfield with Thomas, and chances started to come. In the second half, Rangers started to press heir advantages and from Gullins hard work, West was set though and neatly finished his first.


Carl Heard on the right side of midfield added some steel to the team and put in some crunching defensive tackles as well as some nice wing play. Mitah Thaker was unlucky with a good shot and the game opened up for both teams. Glen White became the focus for Rangers defensive play as Garston used the right flank to create their chances. Daniel Nightingale supporting with some good clearances and brave headers pushed forward to release Adnan Ahmed who again overcame his lack of size with a determination and effort to show his teammates that this game was not over.


With the game almost won and with almost 3 minutes on the extra time clock a break on the right saw a desperate attack from Garston and a great finish from distance for the equalizer and extra time beckoned. Nascot players fell to their knees with disappointment.


Sam Colbeck made two stunning solo runs at the defence in both half’s of extra time and was so unlucky not the have them rewarded with a goal beating three players on each attack. West also worked hard to create an opening but could not capitalize. Shots from Heard, Martin and two close efforts from Gullin could not break the deadlock and the second half of ET was drawing to a close when Nascot won a corner. Struck sweetly Nightingale went in for a brave header and crashed skulls with a defender and had to be substituted. This was a very brave challenge and he was very unlucky. Johnson came on and steadied the ship at the back releasing Heard for some good penetration along the right. Combridge slipped into the middle at the back and was a rock.


The breakthrough came with only minutes to go and penalties beckoning, when Gullin again worked hard to release West and he confidently struck the winner. There was no coming back for Garston and Rangers closed up shop, not to let this go in the dying moments again.


There is not enough space to report on the efforts of Thomas who ran his feet into blisters with his efforts and easily picked up the MoM award. But mention must go to Colbeck who was just fantastic on the left. But, no one can doubt the improvements the whole team have made this season and this was a fitting finale and just rewards.


Unlucky to Garston and the keeper who made some brilliant saves. But today belonged to Nascot Wood Rangers and their supporters who showed why this team will go onto better things next season.


Congratulations to Tony Nightingale for steering the team to these improvements and not to forget the coaching work put in by Matt Clarke in the first half of the season. Our thanks to Lol and Joyce Thomas for keeping this team organized again this season.


Most of all the players, who have shown dedication and commitment to get themselves here deserve all the plaudits today.



1/5/05 Mathew Homes Challenge Cup


NWR 2 Hemel Aces 0

Gullin 8’, 14’


NWR 0 Zelos (Netherlands) 0


St. Albans Rangers 1 NWR 0


Challenge Cup  Final - St Albans Rangers 0 NWR 0 (AET 0-0 / St Albans win 3-2 on Penalties)


Den Helder MoM Tom Martin


Nascot started well playing excellent passing football and dominated the first match, unlucky only to score 2. The first, route 1 stuff from Martin Richardson and Louis Gullin latched on and neatly struck past the keeper. Good performances from Phil Thomas and Tom Martin in the middle of the park allowed Sam Colbeck and Alex Johnson to get into space and deliver good crosses for Mitan Thaker and Gullin to meet.


Alex Combridge (Captain) alongside Michael Williams were solid and Glen White was never really troubled. Adnan Ahmed had to be on his toes as Hemel broke through but Combridge mopped up neatly.


The second goal came from determination and Johnson sped onto a through ball and struck a fierce shot across the keeper which he could only parry into the path of the arriving Gullin to neatly sweep into the goal.


Nascot played well and deserved the result.


Match two was a disappointing draw against the team from Holland. Nascot totally dominated the game from the start but could not make their possession count and were a little guilty of taking the foot of the gas in the increasing heat. Gullin and Martin shone with Thomas always busy. Ridwan Koodruth help up play well but it was from Gullin that the best effort came when his turn and left foot shot from outside the box saw his effort crash off the bar. Colbeck was excellent on the left and show Zelos some good all round total football.


Game three was a disaster for Nascot when they completely dominated the whole match and were taught a sucker punch lesson when Rangers broke with speed and scored a good goal.


The final was a tight affair but Nascot again controlled possession and had the best chances with Gullin being unlucky twice. Further frustrations from a poor set of decisions from the officials (not sour grapes just honest) saw Nascots heads drop and they could not find the killer touch.


Extra time was tight but no team could deliver the winner.


Penalties and heroes for St Albans and disappointment for Nascot Wood who were by far the best team but could not make it count. They were never going to get a fair set of decisions from an official openly coaching the home team during the match. However, good luck to St Albans who were a good sporting team.



10/4/05 NWR 4 Kings Langley 2

Spring Plate Semi Final

Johnson 1’

Gullin 11’, 37’, 50’

Den Helder MoM Louis Gullin

A well deserved appearance in the Plate final awaits Rangers after dispatching Kings Langley in this semi final.

An amazing start for Rangers when Rob West slipped Alex Johnson through on the right having received a clearance from Michael Williams, Johnson cutting back in and sliding the ball past the oncoming keeper. Only 4 touches of the ball and 20 seconds on the clock.

Rangers then played their best football of the game with Mitan Thaker holding up play well and the extremely busy Phil Thomas always on hand winning headers and mopping up the midfield. Sam Colbeck had an excellent first half and Gullin was proving a handful for the back four of Kings striking just wide on one occasion and unable to beat the oncoming keeper for a second attempt.

It was from the left flank that his first goal came and it was from his strike partners hard work that Thaker released Gullin into the 6 yard box and he made no mistake.

West became more influential in the middle and Rangers more of a threat. Williams and the tough tackling of Daniel Nightingale kept the few Kings attacks at bay and with Alex Combridges long throw the defence played their part in keeping Nascot moving forward. However, frustration started to creep in as wave after wave of attack did not produce another goal and Rangers started to revert to the long ball through the middle. An absolute killer pass from West set Gullin through for his second just before half time and Nascot looked to be well in control. Glen White had to be on his toes as Kings pressed for some sort of consolation down their right and the resulting corner was well cleared. Gullin almost scored with his head from a good cross, the ball just going wide.

Making a few changes to the line up, Nascot completely lost their shape after the break and Kings got 2 goals back, one a brilliant header when slack defending allowing an unmarked player to sneak in. Tom Martin started to gain more space on the right and was unlucky after a good move saw his shot go wide. Further shots from West, Gullin, Johnson, Ridwan Koodruth and Sam Colbeck could not get Nascot back into the game a the game plan fell apart as more frustration crept in. A good corner from Pich was headed wide by Nightingale.

Good passes along the flank from Adnan Ahmed released Gullin and West to press forward but the break for his hatrick came on 50 minutes when Williams long defensive clearance bounced high and Gullin snatched onto it and chipped the keeper.

Carl Heard shored up the defence and played his part in some good moves. Thomas was returned to central midfield to hold up the renewed efforts from Kings Langley as they sought a way back streaming forward at every opportunity, but good tracking back from Johnson and Pich on the left and Martin on the right kept Nascots lead safe.

The few times he was called upon, Martin Richardson was always on hand and was not really troubled. More attempts at the Kings end saw their keeper make several saves and Nascot were not to get a goal fest.

The warning about a backlash rang in their ears at they left the field triumphant and hatrick hero Gullin was to thank for a goal cushion that proved insurmountable for Kings Langley.

Good luck in the final. A deserved result for a great second half of the season.


10/4/05 Croxley Guild 1 NWR 1

League / Green Division

Colbeck 89’ (Pen)

Den Helder MoM Team Again!

The last league game of the season saw Rangers pitched against the Champions elect Croxley in a game where Croxley were expected to turn out a comfortable performance. But, nobody told Nascot Wood Rangers Under 15’s that this was a walkover and they out ran, challenged and generally frustrated the home team and eventually got their deserved point.

The first ten minutes were nail biting as Rangers had to work hard to get into the game. Tough defending from Glen White and Daniel Nightingale showing the determination needed. On 2 minutes Martin Richardson was called upon to pull off a stunning save down to his right. Outlets were non existent as Croxley camped in the Rangers half preferring to complicate their approach when a more direct attack would have probably been enough. And; on 11 minutes it was from a mazy run on the left that allowed an unchallenged attack to produce the first goal of the game.

Until this point Rangers had matched for effort with big disappointment showing on their faces, a few minutes of end to end football saw a snatched effort from Alex Johnson go just over the bar, a shot from Rob West and the ever present attacks down the left flank from Sam Colbeck.

It was time for Rangers to face their tormentors and rise to the challenge and they started to put in the effort required, so that they were not over run. Michael Williams was a rock in defence and with the speedy Alex Combridge they defended heroically. Ridwan Koodruth started to hold up the ball and bring the busy midfield bossed by Phil Thomas into play. Supported by Louis Gullin up front, prepared to chase any cause Nascot started to gain a foothold in the game.

Further efforts from Croxley from two free kicks and several direct attacks were all thwarted, Richardson performing absolutely perfectly between the posts.

West started to get the better of the midfield and defence and put through several defence splitting passes. Thomas supporting the midfield drive won more 50-50’s and both Johnson and Colbeck started to gain more effect, tackling back, supporting the defence and attack at every opportunity.

Only one down at half time, Rangers regrouped and started the second half with passion and determination, taking Croxley by surprise as they started to break open the defence. Gullin driving on at every chance. Mitan Thaker was introduced to support the attack and played his part in this dramatic game when he was involved in the move of the match, along with West and Thomas who split the Croxley defence with neat passing, resulting in a perfect cross from West which Colbeck met sweetly with a volley which went agonizingly close to the outside of the post. Johnson worked hard to win several 50-50’s and released a neat left footed cross from the right which Gullin controlled but could not convert.

Croxley had their own efforts blasting over on 3 occasions and shooting wide on another. The efforts of the defence; Williams, Nightingale, White, Combridge and later Carl Heard cannot be underestimated. They were awesome! With the running legs of Tom Martin introduced in midfield he created several chances and chased almost lost causes and won them. Effort was in massive supply and Johnson won a battle against two defenders that spurred his team mates forward.

Immense at the back Nightingale and Williams won many headers, particularly Williams holding the armband and leading with both action and attitude. It was from a massive clearance that Martin could have earned a penalty when he broke into the box and seemed to have been felled, but a goal kick was awarded. However this as not the first penalty shout as West had been scythed down in the box, the ref feeling the ball had been won. The Rangers supporters who turned up in numbers screamed FOUL!

Adnan Ahmed introduced for an exhausted Johnson patrolled the right flank and again out punched his weight spurred on by the supporters, he harried and harassed until he won the ball. West reintroduced for the worn out Thomas immediately made an impact and released Gullin but he was unable to beat the three defenders who closed him down. Williams again dominated the headed clearances as Croxley resorted to route 1 in frustration. A disallowed goal adding to the atmosphere when the ball was headed out of the hands of Richardson.

But a fairy tale ending was on the cards when Tommo broke into the box on the left and was felled in the 89th minute for a Rangers penalty. Up stood ex Croxley Guild palyer Sam Colbeck who calmly swept the ball into the right of the goal fooling the keeper who dived the wrong way. He celebrated his goal along with the Rangers, supporters to the maximum!

Wild celebrations welcomed the final whistle as Nascot Wood Rangers demonstrated their improved performance with a draw at the resulting crowned champions. Croxley started a delayed celebration having won the league, but it was Rangers who enjoyed the result more and it showed in their smiles as they left the arena.

No man of the match today but Johnson, Williams, Thomas, Richardson, Nightingale and Colbeck all could have earned the award.


20/3/05 Harvesters Youth 1 NWR 0

League / Green Division

Den Helder MoM Too hard to single out!

Sometimes a game comes along that brings out the best in a team and today was one of them. With 4 players unavailable and two late for kick off Nascot also started the game with 2 players carrying injuries. With Harvesters challenging for the top spot in the division, this was never going to be easy.

Nascot started well and defended in numbers with Robert West and Phil Thomas outstanding in central defence, and Captain West setting the required level of effort for the rest of his team mates. Early exchanges saw Carl Heard into action as Rangers were penned into their own half and he was called upon to snuff out the Harvesters attack. Tom Martin playing bravely out of position on the left worked tirelessly and his pace saved a few blushes when he was called upon to clear.

In midfield Stephen Pich was in great form and although retired with injury half way through the first half made a good impact on the game. Supported by the energetic Alex Johnson they took hold of the central play area and bossed Harvesters at every opportunity. The outlet for their passes became the busy and skillful Sam Colbeck who gave the team legs when needed and in releasing the speedy Louis Gullin gave the defence and midfield players some breathing space in their hold up play.

Chances in the first half were few and far between, most of which fell to Harvesters but their accuracy let them down and when needed Martin Richardson in goal was always on hand, punching one attack clear of the goal area and safe in his holding when needed.

At 0-0 Harvesters became more and more frustrated and it was disappointing to see few decisions not go the Nascot way and in the second half several supposed 50-50 decisions seemed to have Rangers coming off with both further injuries and a lack of positive decisions. Not to be denied Rangers stepped up the intensity of their play and challenged every ball. Crunching tackles were put in by Ridwan Koodruth and Thomas and it was the former who started to get more influence in the second half on the right flank.

But 10 minutes into the second half a Harvesters corner was flicked upwards and as it appeared to be going over, it bounced on the underside and crept into the far corner. Rangers were desperately unfortunate to be behind and a few minutes of nervous play ensued. But picking themselves up Gullin broke through the defence and speeded towards goal only to see his stretching shot go wide. It was a 110% effort to get the shot in and the extra stretch was at the ‘limit’ and the resulting pull of the hamstring was inevitable. Running out of options, Stephen was pitched back into the battle up front with the busy and determined Mitan Thaker. His hard work playing deep behind Gullin was not rewarded with a goal but showed the improvement in his discipline and play this season. Unfortunately he was unfairly challenged and had to be retired injuredfrom the game.

Down to ten men, Rangers efforts were monumental and Captain West led the drive on for an equalizer. Shots from Johnson and Pich were unsuccessful and the tricky wing play from Colbeck was just not enough to break through and score. Frustration and tempers increased as the expected thrashing never materialized. Nascot defended well, passed and challenged in midfield and had opportunities themselves to level. It was just not going to be and the teamwork effort was not rewarded with a deserved point.

The traveling supporters were entertained to the final whistle which of course occurred when Nascot were on the attack! Brilliant effort, well done to all the players involved. Everyone can be proud of the dogged performance. A word of note on the Harvesters team and supporters, who barring one individual were a sporting group and played the game in a good spirit.


13/3/05 Borhamwood Yth Red P NWR P

League / Green Division


6/3/05 Harpenden Colts Tigers 0 NWR 6

Spring Plate League Group A

West 15’, 65’ 78’
Gullin 38’
Koodruth 41’
Martin 78’

Den Helder MoM Phil Thomas

On the worst surface Rangers have played on in many years they turned on the style in conditions that were almost unplayable and dominated the match after some early evenly matched exchanges.

It took quarter of an hour for Nascot to strike but they had set out their stall prior to this with shots from Alex Johnson, Stephen Pich and Louis Gullin. Good lay off play from Mitan Thaker setting up play well.

It took all action man of the match Phil Thomas to swap passes on the left flank before releasing a good cross for the arriving Robert West to Nascots first. The match then went into stalemate as Rangers dominated play but were unable to break through. Carl Heard working well with Johnson on the right creating several chances for Gullin and Thaker. Thomas worked hard and supported play well and Stephen Pich was superb in the holding role and bossed play, spreading the ball to the flanks where the only remaining green blades of glass allowed the ball to roll.

When called upon, the defence were on call and a superb tackle from Glen White showed that Rangers were not going to allow Tigers an easy route through. But, it was the introduction of Sam Colbeck that saw many more chances created and on 38’ his cross was met by Gullin 5 yards out. Shortly afterwards with fresh legs Ridwan Koodruth broke through onto West’s pass to strike agonisingly close but just the wrong side of the post.

After the restart White broke through and unleashed a fierce drive from 25 yards which the keeper brilliantly saved but was unable to stop Ridders from poaching the rebound for Nascots third.

Again the game went into a heavy spell and although Nascot dominated they did not break through. Tom Martin battled in midfield and Adnan Ahmed cruised along the right flank. Both had efforts on target. Daniel Nightingale threw himself into a tackle to ensure Nascots clean sheet remained but was injured in the tackle. Heard’s no holds barred tackling also showing Rangers determination to ‘stay clean’. Only called upon for the odd kick Martin Richardson had very little to do and when Tigers broke through his positioning kept the odd strike wide of the mark.

Michael Williams distribution provided Nascot with options and Colbecks break through and swivel past three players was not rewarded with a goal. He turned provider for West on 65’ to strike his second and West’s hatrick came when the Tigers keeper (easily their best and busiest player) scuffed a kick to the edge of the box and West had no trouble in the one on one result.

It was all one way from here on in and Rangers played some excellent football through the rutted mud bath in the middle of the pitch. Thomas, West, Ahmed and White all showing the best of Nascots new found confidence and style.

Pich introduced for the tired Heard was subbed himself when injured in a brave tackle. Heard re appearing. Martin completed the scoring when Colbeck’s cross goal shot was intercepted on its way to Thaker. Daylight robbery was muted but it would have gone to a Nascot player regardless.

A good result hopefully resulting in topping the table. Excellent passing football and a genuine improvement in team play allowed Rangers to dominate this game and is good morale boosting stuff for their return to the WFL league game next week.

27/2/05 Borehamwood Youth White 1 NWR 8

Spring Plate League Group A (Played at Queens)

Gullin 5’, 21’, 60’

Thaker 6’

Nightingale 53’

Johnson 67’

West 68’

Koodruth 74’

Den Helder MoM Louis Gullin

Good performances all round, good football, a hatrick for man of the match Louis Gullin, season firsts for Daniel Nightingale and Mitan Thaker and stunners from Alex Johnson and Rob West.

It took five minutes for Rangers to strike first and it was timely as 30 seconds prior to the goal Martin Richardson had pulled off a point blank save to deny BYW. Getting an improving partnership running Mitan Thaker sent strike partner Louis Gullin through for his first. They were both then involved in the second when Gullin chased down a ball into the right corner and pulled back a pass to Tom Martin who slipped a neat pass through to Thaker to score his first goal for the Club. Gullin then had two more attempts on goal before he netted Nascots third when his shot was blocked and he scrambled in the rebound under intense pressure from the keeper and a defender.

The game then settled and efforts from Martin, Phil Thomas and Michael Williams marauding up from defence were all unsuccessful. Nascot played some good football with Johnson and Thomas on the flanks working hard both to create and defend. Alex Combridge also caught the eye with an assured performance, putting in some strong tackles whilst using the ball well moving forward.

The game was heating up nicely on a cold and blustery day when the sun shone and the snow blew in from Siberia physically Nascot held their ground well under some heavy shoulder to shoulder challenges. Richardson in goal dominating his box well under pressure during corners, showed their confidence coming through.

It was not all one way and Glen Whites superb saving tackle denied a certain goal scoring opportunity for BYW.

The second half opened well and with Rob West, Carl Heard and Ridwan Koodruth introduced, Rangers pressed forward for more goals. The passing was neat and swift and this control in central midfield from Stephen Pich saw him become more influential. His free kick on the edge of the box nestling into the far corner only to be denied by a brilliant goal line headed clearance. He became provider shortly afterwards when his excellent corner was brilliantly headed in for Nascots forth by Daniel Nightingale. His first goal for Nascot Wood Rangers.

In control now, West became creator and supplier alongside Pich and both had chances to get on the score sheet. Gullin’s hatrick again came from his never give up attitude when he pounced on a spilled ball by the keeper after Ridders shot.

Its was pleasing to see White and Thomas working so well on the left flank, swapping passes whilst under pressure from BYW players.

The next two goals were both of the highest calibre. The first made from a swift long cross field ball from West, which saw Johnson meet the ball on the run on the edge of the box, blasting a breath taking into the top far corner. West then scored a great solo effort cutting in from the left and unleashing a 25 yard curling effort into the far corner.

Ridders completed the scoring when put through by another excellent pass from West, striking a strong effort that the keeper had no chance in saving. The last 5 minutes saw Pich close in on goal but unable to score after a deluge of defenders swamped him. Michael Williams taking on three players and releasing the cross from the right showed the dominance but unfortunately also highlighted Nascots slip of concentration and they conceded a goal when it was not necessary to do so!

More goals could have been scored but for the good keeping from the BYW stopper who denoed Gullin on three occasions but also saving from Pich and Thaker. Rangers played good passing football and worked hard for each other, demonstrating a further step in their progress this season. Shame about the clean sheet but when 8 goals are scored its hard to be too critical.


20/02/05 U15 Spring Plate - NWR 3 Gartson Boys 3

Gullin 29’ 35’

West 32’

Den Helder MoM - Mitan Thaker

A fair result for Rangers having been 2 nil down and Garston having hit the bar twice in 20 minutes, but they had more than enough chances to win but for the in form Garston keeper.

Louis Gullin returned to full force and could have had a hatrick but walked away with only two goals, but strike partner and MoM Mitan Thaker had at least four chances to equal this effort and he was denied. Thaker laying off to the approaching Alex Johnson on the edge of the box his shot went wide, Rob West was next on the effort list but he could not convert either. Further efforts from Nascot were also off target or saved by the keeper.

Unlucky to be 2 down, Rangers rallied and Gullin always busy robbed the keeper to score his first. West scored a well taken penalty for the second and Gullin’s strike for three gave Rangers a deserved lead at this stage. Steady performances from Adnan Ahmed and Phil Thomas on the left side of defence, Stephen Pich used the ball well on the right to release Ridwan Koodruth.

The second half saw more dramatics and the Garston keeper was the busiest, with Nascots Martin Richardson, coolly in control of most efforts. The best chance of going further ahead came when Michael Williams reached a Colbeck cross, only for his brilliant header to be saved off the line. With the introduction of Carl Heard, Alex Combridge, Daniel Nightingale, Tom Martin and Glen White fresh legs were added to the attack, but Garston struck back again and having hit the bar for the third time, they equalised to push Rangers all the way.

Further attacks proved fruitless for Nascot as again strikes on goal from Thaker and Gullin were defended at length by Gartson. Both Martin and Colbeck had good efforts stopped and further attempts were stemmed as the game opened up with tiring legs.

Excitement lead to frustration on both benches as both teams went for the win, but it was a fair result for two sides who worked hard enough to have deserved something from this game. Its always telling when the best player of the opponents was the keeper and with more composure on the attack and a better hold of the middle of the park, Nascot might have pipped it.

13/2/05 Croxley P   NWR P

Waterlogged pitch - match postponed.


6/2/05 NWR 5 St Albans Rangers 2

Gullin 13’
West 26’, 42’
Heard 71’
Koodruth 79’

Den Helder MoM Martin Richardson

An even match for many parts of the game saw Nascot take the honours after some superb individual performances notably from keeper Martin Richardson and a stunning goal from Carl Heard.

The first 10 minutes of the game were evenly matched and it became apparent that the St Albans game plan surrounded a through ball being flicked on for the centre forwards to chase. On minute 12 this broke the Nascot defence in half and only a stunning point blank save from Richardson kept a certain goal from going in. Needing to drag themselves back into the game, the line led by a busy Louis Gullin was pressed forward and he single handed beat three players to earn himself a great solo goal one minute later.

Never allowing it to be easy Nascot conceded within 30 seconds of the restart and the game was back on. The midfield was where Nascot needed to gain control and Robert West had a blinder, supported by Alex Johnson whose neat through ball’s were splitting the St Albans defence. The stalemate continued with busy work down the flanks from Tom Martin and Carl Heard, both putting in determined performances. Adnan Ahmed again working up front was busy and gave the defenders something different to deal with , when his passing and hold up play confounded players much larger and stronger. But is was a free kick in the Nascot half on the left that was superbly chipped into the box by Michael Williams, for West to beat three players and plant the ball into the far corner on the right.

The rest of the first half was not all Nascots way and superb tackling from Daniel Nightingale and then by Alex Combridge kept them in front. Again the assured goalkeeping of Richardson meant that any ball’s through were snuffed out easily and this confidence started to seep through the team and Nascot pressed onwards. The loss of Gullin to an injury saw the fresh legs of Ridwan Koodruth press Rangers back.

Half time and little in the game. Rangers playing the long ball and Nascot determined to push and press on the deck.

It only took Tom Martin a few minutes to make the first telling contribution of the half when his brilliant chipped pass after cutting in from the left to West was tee’d up and blasted for his second and Nascot’s third. The next half an hour saw a seesaw of possession and it was Nascot who really stood out. Several changes from St Albans altered the game as they searched for a way back in, opening up space for Martin and Ahmed to expose. The pace of Koodruth played havoc with the defenders and he was twice one on one with the keeper. Once shooting agonizingly wide of the post and the St Albans keeper making a save with his feet.

Sam Colbeck was introduced for the tiring Johnson and he made his mark with several good passes to Koodruth and West, as the space opened up. But Nascot started to wane and St Albans pressed forward in numbers, one single intervention from Glen White kept a strong push forward at bay. Fresh legs from Mitan Thaker replaced Ahmed and he held play up well laying of to the advancing midfielders on several occasions. It was a reverse of this movement that saw him pop up on the edge of the box only for his fired shot to drift short of the goal.

An absolutely brilliant move on the right flank then lit up the game. Alex Combridge broke down the right wing and swapped passes with Heard. When everyone thought he would return the pass to Combridge he cut inside and danced past a tackle and on the right corner of the 18 yard box unleashed a stunning shot over the keeper and into the far corner. Goal of the season stuff!!!

More space was being created and Rangers were often outnumbering the defenders but this swarm forward left spaces at the back and Nightingale and Williams were busy to the end. They were caught forward five minutes from the end when White appeared in his own box defending one on one but was tripped and St Albans scored when it seemed a  free kick would be awarded. Again Richardson came to Nascots rescue diving to his right a few minutes later.

But the remaining part of the game was swamped in controversy when the ball was handled in the St Albans box, but the ref was unsighted and missed it. (Having earlier missed a similar handball in the box). Not to be let down Ridders earned his deserved goal one minute from time when Colbecks free kick was flicked on by the head of Williams and it dropped neatly to his feet and he was not going to be denied this time, striking cleanly.

A hard working performance from Nascot. This was a team result and not a single player put in less than 100% and it showed, even when St Albans equalized, Nascot continued in determined fashion. Disappointing injury to Gullin, but Ridders hold up play is improving and with real belief in the team confidence should earn them more points in the next few games.


30/1/05 Woodhall Wanderers 5  NWR 0

Den Helder Man of the Match Daniel Nightingale

1 nil down from a corner within 2 minutes Nascot again made it hard work from the beginning.

Battling against a strong Woodhall side confident with their passing game, Rangers eventually got on even terms on the field when Rob West and Phil Thomas stopped the supply through the middle. Once cut out it was Rangers who started to put in some good football and make a few chances. Shots from Adnan Ahmed, Ridwan Koodruth, Phil Thomas and Rob West were not enough to even the score.

Width from Alex Johnson and Stephen Pich was in short supply and the game was played at Wanderers pace particularly through the middle, making hard work for Daniel Nightingale and Michael Williams, but a first half performance from the full backs Carl Heard and Glen White caught the eye, both creating the width whilst supporting their defensive colleagues.

Ahmed up front swapped passes with Pich who returned to Ridders to slip Ahmed back through only for his shot to go wide. The best chance of the first half for Rangers. Gaining heart throughout the half and led by the tackling of West in midfield, Rangers pressed on but could not make their chances count.

Disaster struck again within minutes of the restart when a lack of a creditable tackle allowed Woodhall to plough through and double the lead and it was then Rangers really got their backs into the game. 110% tackles from Nightingale and Heard showed the spirit and with Ahmed little flick on’s up front there was the possibility Rangers could get a goal. But, Woodhall broke through again and but for a stunning save from Martin Richardson the score would have been higher. His kicking distribution today was excellent and he was unlucky to be picking the ball out of the net again when another poor goal was conceded.

It seems Rangers need to be on their knees for the real determination to be displayed and Johnson stepped up the so far single sided battle with the Woodhall Captain putting in some brave tackles and harrying. Followed shortly by a brave tackle from Man of the Match Nightingale, Rangers really started to even the challenges out in their favour, putting more into the 50/50 challenges which earlier had been left unchallenged. With the loss of Pich to injury fresh legs from Tom Martin allowed Nascot to push on down the left and good play between Martin, White and Ahmed almost allowed Ridders to break through and score. But pressing forward saw holes at the back and it was left to Richardson to pull off another stunning save to keep the team’s spirits high.

Further determined work from White, Heard and Thomas in the later stages of the game kept heads high and several sliding tackles by the opposition could have seen injuries to Nascot players. Not to be outdone Johnson, West and Nightingale dished out a fair return but Woodhall were full of confidence and scored again to make the score look easier than Nascot had allowed it. On reflection Rangers were beaten by the better side but they certainly put in a determined performance in many areas of the pitch. If they had started both half’s better they would not have conceded and had this uphill struggle.

Brave performance from White and stunning goalkeeping from Richardson impressed, but it was the tough tackling and morale boosting performance of Daniel Nightingale that saw him win the Man of the Match Award, made today by Lol and Pieter.


23/01/05 Hemel Aces 2 NWR 2

Ridwan Koodruth 1’

Sam Colbeck 78’

Den Helder MoM Phil Thomas

A game that had everything except a deserved Nascot win on away territory. Supporters walked away having seen a good football match.

Rangers went ahead on 29 seconds after good work from the kick off by Louis Gullin setting up strike partner Ridwan Koodruth to score from 5 yards after beating the advancing keeper. This set out the Nascot store and they powered onwards looking to secure further goals driven in the midfield by the ever present Phil Thomas assisted by some neat footwork from Alex Johnson. This source set Gullin away several times and he was unable to capitalize on the chances. Koodruth also having chances early on in the game.

As the game settled Carl Heard stepped up a gear and dominated play on the right flank, creating several chances for advancing Nascot players as well as having two good chances himself. At the back, the first 10 minutes saw the defence on hand several times to keep Aces out; Daniel Nightingale and Alex Combridge catching the eye early on with determined challenges. Clearances from Michael Williams (Captain for the game) set Nascot away several times and it was such a clearance that Sam Colbeck latched onto a loose ball and shot from range only to see the effort drift over the bar.

Glen White again played an assured game and was never really troubled in the first half but after the break he earned his stripes by denying the Aces right midfielder any room for manoeuvre.

Unfortunately Nascot could not hold the lead and the killer ball through the middle tore the defence apart for Hemel to even up the match. Martin Richardson having little chance with this effort having earlier denied an Aces strike on goal. Half time saw the loss of the busy Gullin to injury and it was hard to see where the next goal would come from, but Nascot were high on energy driven on by Phil Thomas who dominated the midfield throughout the game and with fresh legs, Stephen Pich added some much needed support.

Mitan was added to the front line to give some strength to the push for a winning goal and battled hard for 20 minutes only to have to withdraw through injury. It was from the unlikely source of Adnan Ahmed that again Nascot gained spirit for the fight on. Unfortunately it was from Aces first break into Nascots half that they took the lead. Totally undeserved and against the run of play, this was a true test of Nascots new found spirit and for a few minutes the heads dropped and this gave Aces further time to foray in the Rangers penalty area. Great tackles from Combridge, Nightingale, Williams and White saw the score kept at 2-1 along with saves from Richardson. Never say die attitude from Thomas spurred his colleagues on and Heard pushed on down the right flank and Colbeck started gaining more luck on the left. Efforts from Pich and Colbeck could not break the deadlock and again Nascot tried to walk the ball into the net when it seemed easier to strike first time!

Ahmed worked hard against much bigger and stronger defenders and with the reintroduction of Koodruth 10 minutes before the end, Rangers legs drove on for the final push. Colbeck working in neat partnership with Ahmed played excellent one touch football but without an end result. However, the two smallest players pressed their unfair advantage and it was from the most mismatched challenge when Colbeck went into a 50-50 with a 5’10” centre back that he came away with an awarded penalty for handball!!!!

With normal captain Robert West injured, up stepped Colbeck to send the keeper the wrong way for a brilliantly taken penalty into the right corner, two minutes from time.

Rangers then had their backs up and this was typified by the crunching tackle put in by Ahmed half a minute before the final whistle displaying the attitude needed in these games to dig out victories. Today the chances Nascot had were good enough to win the match but they could just not make them count. However their improved confidence and energy will see them dig in for results when earlier in the season they folded.


16/01/05 NWR 5 Abbots Youth 0

Carl Heard 35’
Ridwan Koodruth 55’
Louis Gullin 69’, 80’
Sam Coleck 75’


A stunning performance from every player saw Nascot deliver the best all round performance of the season, a clean sheet, five goals and over 35 shots at goal.

Good football was on the menu and Rangers started as they meant to go on with some great passing movement in the first few minutes and it was Glen White who popped up on the left to finish a good movement and shoot just wide. Sam Colbeck then flighted a perfect shot that just skimmed the outside of the post. With the ever busy Louis Gullin always willing to chase down any chances, there was always an outlet and he came close several times in the half with Nascots other best efforts. A lay off to Alex Johnson saw his shot drift just wide and then Rob West put in a great effort from 20 yards only to see his effort just go outside the post.

It was not all Rangers way and the defence held well. With Michael Williams and Daniel Nightingale in the middle, Abbots were not given any chances to break through and with Phil Thomas at his best, it was going to have to be something special that got through. Glen White played arguably his best game in the purple shirt appearing in all areas battling back as well as supporting forward.

After half an hour Nascot had put in 22 shots on goal without anything to show for it but with West dominating the midfield his layoff to Carl Heard coming in from the right saw his unstoppable shot go over the keepers reach  to put Nascot in front from his first of the season.

The game continued at a frantic pace and Nascot worked the ball well without the time to take many touches; they spread the ball from the back through midfield very well. The movement was excellent and the never give up attitude serving them well when not in possession.

With the hill against them in the second half, Abbots stormed forward and brilliant tackles from Thomas, Nightingale, White and Williams saw the lead hold up. An injury to Williams saw the introduction of Alex Combridge back into his familiar position and he did not disappoint. When they did break through Mitan was always on hand with safe holding hands and performed one stunning save to his left to keep Nascot in front. Having survived the storm Rangers continued where they left off and a neat through ball from Gullin saw Ridwan Koodruth through on goal and performed a simple strike to put the score up to 2-0.

Nascot still continued to dominate and with West and Johnson holding the middle of the park, it allowed Heard and Colbeck to storm forward down the flanks. Colbeck drifted inside and out through the second half and it was from his timely pass that Gullin scored his deserved first on seventy minutes. Shots then flew in from West, Colbeck and Johnson and it was from the later duo that Nascot scored the forth after Johnson’s perfect through ball saw Colbeck strike and the keeper was unable to hold and Colbeck followed up to score.

With the introduction of Adnan Ahmed (aka Ronhaldino) up front Abbots struggled to contain his ‘pace and strength’ and his flick onwards on the left flank to put Gullin through was sublime. The fifth goal came from route one stuff, Combridge’s through ball to Gullin pierced the Abbots defence and Gullin one on one with the keeper was not going to miss.

Although dominating large parts of the game, Rangers had to defend for their lives on a few occasions and even though in front, the clean sheet was as a result of determined play from Nightingale, Williams, Thomas, White and Combridge.

A morale boosting performance and a great win.



9/12/05 Cassiobury Rangers 6 NWR 2

Gullin 35'

Colbeck 75'

Den Helder MoM Phil Thomas


One nil down after less than a minute and four nil down after 25 minutes something remarkable was going to have to happen to get Nascot awakened and into this game. Although almost at full complement Nascot were carrying a large niggling injury list into the starting line up and this showed as Cassiobury were rampant and possibly going to trounce Nascot in the same way they had earlier in the season. Busy at the back Phil Thomas shone out with several timely tackles. Martin Richardson also pulled off a stunning one handed save on his near post before having to be replaced through illness. The rest of the first half (all 45 minutes!!!) are best forgotten.


With ten minutes to go to half time, Nascot introduced Louis Gullin up front and the game changed. Chasing down the defenders and latching onto to any stray passes he created a single chance and scored from it, but not before the deficit had been increased again.


The half time rant, spurred Nascot on and a different team went out to face Cassiobury. Injured keeper Martin Richardson was replaced by Carl Heard and he produced several excellent stops in the half. Further injuries occurred and Tom Martin, Daniel Nightingale and Stephen Pich all had to be removed. Stephen later reintroduced and in the familiar midfield role drove Nascot onwards. Both Martin and Nightingale suffering from putting in brave crunching tackles.


Gullin was a pest to the Cassiobury defence and Nascot started to gain the upper hand. Efforts from Rob West, Sam Colbeck and Gullin all piled the pressure on. It was from midfield that the best move of the game arrived and Alex Johnson received the ball on the edge of the box, made a straight pass to Pich who slipped it across to the unmarked Colbeck to strike the second. Simple effective good looking football. Well done!


The Cassiobury bench started getting worried and major substitutions were being made. Nascot riffled more efforts in but could not break through. Glen White limped off after another good game and Adnan Ahmed introduced. Michael Williams came in alongside Alex Combridge and they both put in determined efforts to keep out further Cassiobury attacks but a dubious free kick and a flighted ball in the wind both alluded Heard to add to the scoreline. However he did make one stunning point blank save to tip over a near certain effort and his sportsmanship in covering for the injured keeper was commendable.


Pressure from Ridwan Koodruth and Gullin continued to pin Cassiobury back but Nascot could not press home the efforts and the scoreline remained a disappointing loss. However yet again Nascot seem to be able to perform above themselves in the second half and if they had started even near this, they could have gained something from this match. (Only 39 minutes in the second half were played maybe if we had the extra six played in the first half we might just have added another)!


'Time for a change' and Tony Nightingale takes over the Coaching of the team from this week. Lol Thomas continues in his role. My thanks to Lol and Tony but also to those who have also helped me out this season officiating; Dave West, Nick Combridge and Joe Pich. I would also like to thank Matt for his coaching expertise on Thursdays. His efforts really made a difference to the team performances.





19/12/04 St Albans Rgrs 5 NWR 3

Gullin 20' 50'

Williams 70'

Den Helder MoM Louis Gullin


15 minutes in and 2 down, Nascot had to battle to achieve a remarkable fight back to 3-3 and then allowed St Albans a last minute goal gifted to them after a highly questionable free kick was awarded against them. Oh what a disappointment!


Carrying several injuries and missing key players Nascot did not start well and went down early on after an even ten minutes in which either team could have been punished. Unfortunately it was Nascot to suffer and St Albans broke through again to make it two.


An injury to Michael Williams saw a change to the formation and Louis Gullin was despatched up front. After a shaky few minutes he stamped his mark on the game bursting through the defence and shooting wide. Shortly after he released Alex Johnson to shoot wide and then Johnson had a great chance to beat the keeper and the goalie smothered his shot. Not to be outdone Gullin again stormed through the defence and shot, only for the keeper to make a save and the shot crept into the goal.


Sheer determination and effort has a new name "Gullin".


Ridwan Koodruth also created a chance and his shot went wide. Nascot had plenty of other chances but were unable to break through.


Gullin lead his team mates onwards and the midfield started to gain a hand with the introduction of the busy Sam Colbeck creating several chances.


Half time saw Nascot fly out of the blocks and two efforts from Gullin set out the statement of intent. Unfortunately they suffered a sucker punch and went 3-1 down. Not to be outdone, Phil Thomas powered the midfield onwards and although under the weather from a virus he never gave up. Supported by Stephen Pich spreading the ball forward, his two efforts on target were saved. The introduction in the first half of Glen White added much needed strength to the back four, who had battled well throughout the match. Alex Combridge back to his best with his tackling, supported by Daniel Nightingale winning key battles with the 2 forwards. Carl Heard on the right; always busy, ran himself until worn out with another positive display.


The loss of Johnson and Koodruth with injury, weakened Nascot further and it was the single determination of Gullin that dragged Nascot back into the game with his well earned second set up by Colbeck on the left. Shortly after with their tails in the air Williams scored a fantastic long range effort to make the game 3-3. Martin Richardson saved the day with a stunning point blank save, but this was not enough to gain the deserved draw or even win that seemed on the cards.


With Nascot on the ascendancy and looking like powering themselves into the lead the game turned on its head with a decision for a foul in front of the St Albans bench and difficult to see from any other part of the ground! From this they scored and the game was effectively over. With the stuffing knocked out of them, Nascot conceded another shortly after.


This did not seem a fair result, after having dragged themselves back into contention through sheer determination on a very heavy pitch with St Albans starting to stutter. Nascot had many chances to score and could easily have made the game safe earlier on. Compliments go to St Albans Rangers for good sportsmanship throughout the match but it was a major disappointment to have conceded from such an unconvincing decision.


The players can be proud of themselves today for their efforts.




12/12/04 NWR 2 Harvesters South 7

Williams 7' 70'

Den Helder MoM Tom Martin


Having scored first and then played the best passing football of the season it was 2 penalties to the opposition before half time and again Nascot had an uphill challenge. 10 minutes into the second half a free kick on the edge of the box saw Nascot fall further behind and then the heads went!!!


It should not have been like this as Rangers later discovered. Having scored once they could do it again and to have allowed the opposition room and time, we were punished.


Saying that Rangers had good moments. Tom Martin shone with his effort and determination and in a game where the Ref dominated play his tackles demonstrated his commitment to the cause. Alex Combridge and Daniel Nightingale again played well at the back and a return to the starting line up for the Carl Heard on the right and Glen White on the left, the defence did look solid.


Michael Williams again put Rangers noses in front with a solo effort cutting in from the left and releasing an upstoppable shot from the edge of the box. Not to miss out; shots from the busy Louis Gullin and the irrepressible  Rob West was not enough to extend the lead. Ridwan Koodruth was busy on the right but it was down the left that Martin made great headway.


A good first half from Stephen Pich crowned a good 40 minutes barring the penalties. Nascot learning not to tackle from behind in the box the hard way!! Twice!!!


The second half saw Harvesters swarm forward creating room for West and Williams to play into. It was from a marauding raid into the Harvesters half that Nascot won a free kick on the edge of the D. Up stood Williams to strike for his second with a craftily placed free kick that deceived the keeper with a deflection.


Hearts dropped as Harvesters extended their lead but Martin showed his commitment tearing from one box to the other to snuff out an attack. A most memorable moment came mid way through the half when Martin Richardson's one handed stop from a neatly placed strike into the top corner gave his team mates some heart to press on and this drive was lead by Louis Gullin.


Unfortunately too little too late.




5/12/04 Abbots Youth 3 NWR 5

Williams 4'

Gullin 47'

Pich 51'

Colbeck 65'

West 71'

Den Helder MoM Glen White


Finally Nascot get rewarded for their efforts.


With only 12 fit players, Nascot travelled to Abbots to find a league win.


Setting out the stall early on Robert West powered through the Abbots defence twice and on the second occasion drifting wide right he lifted a brilliant cross to the arriving Michael Williams to head neatly past the stranded keeper. Good play in midfield from Stephen Pich and Louis Gullin kept Nascot's noses in front; and Tom Martin flew into a tackle to keep the marauding Abbots strikers at bay.


Nascot could have gone 2 up within 10 minutes when West broke through on goal and shot wide. A few minutes later Williams also broke through but could not capitalise.


Strong in defence, Phil Thomas and Daniel Nightingale held up well, but it was the performance of Glen White that caught the eye. Supported by Sam Colbeck the right Abbots flank was where they played all the football and White had to be on his toes several times to save Rangers from further attack. His passing out of defence was always controlled and neat. This play allowed Sam Colbeck to put more pressure up the left flank and was unlucky on several occasions not to do more damage.


However Nascot conceded an identical goal to the one they had scored and the game was back on.


1-1 at half time, there was everything to play for. It was Nascot who showed more determination to get forward and the ball over the top and down the flanks caused Abbots a lot of trouble. Colbeck up against an identical sized and skilled player had a great battle throughout the second half trying to break them down. Gullin stepped up a gear and powered through the defence only to see his left foot effort just go wide. Not giving up, he made a solo run at the defenders and beat one and then another releasing a perfectly aimed shot into the corner for his well deserved first of the season. With their heads in front Nascot played good football but got overconfident on too many occasions, losing the ball and control of the game without a need to have done it.


Abbots could have got back into the game but for the resolute defending of both Thomas and Nightingale who both made heroic tackles to keep Abbots at bay. White continued his cool playing and supported on the far side by a determined Alex Johnson, Nascot held the score. West, Colbeck and Tom Martin all had efforts on goal and the introduction of Ridwan Koodruth on the right flank allowed Nascot to press forward. Ridders efforts showing in his improved performance. As Nascot pressed they won a corner and after the ball scrambled around in the box, the Abbots keeper spilled the ball and the never give up attitude of Pich saw him battle single handedly with the keeper and a defender and eventually come away with the ball to score his third of the season.


Again over confidence set in and Abbots were gifted possession to break on goal and bring the score back to 2-3. Game was back on!


A evenly balanced ten minutes then ensued and although staying on top, Nascot could easily have lost another goal but the back four supported by Martin and Ridders, held fast. Boots in the face for Johnson and a sliding tackle inside the penalty area from Nightingale being examples of Nascots determination to hang on to the lead.


It then took a piece of brilliance from Colbeck, 25 yards out, he unleashed a shot that the keeper had no chance of saving and it drifted over and into the top far corner. This took the pressure off a little and West had two further opportunities to get on the scoresheet but his cross come shot and later shot drifted wide. Michael Williams unable to capitalise at the far post.


Fifth time lucky Captain West was put through by a neat pass from Thomas and this time did not miss and got himself onto the scoresheet.


Nascot again lost concentration to allow Abbots to bring the score back but the game had been won. The loss of unwell keeper Martin Richardson saw Williams between the posts for the last 10 minutes and he had little to do except for the goal, such was Nascots pressure at the other end. Again efforts from Martin and Ridders could have seen Rangers extend the lead further, but it was not to be.


A good hard working performance on a heavy pitch, saw Rangers take the points, but Abbots were unlucky not to have gained something. Glen White took the Man of the Match award for his first half performance. Stephen Pich played the holding midfield role to perfection and deserved his goal. Opening his score card for the season Louis Gullin returned to his best form and eventually Robert West got his goal! Tom Martin and Alex Johnson shared unaccustomed defending duties well and did not let the team down. The strength speed and effort from Ridwan was welcomed by his tiring team mates and working up front Michael Williams dominated large parts of the game. Martin Richardson did well when called upon and the defending of Phil Thomas and Daniel Nightingale saved the day on more than one occasion. Guile and effort from Sam Colbeck allowed Nascot a good outlet on the left.


All round, the team effort was well rewarded with the away win and three points.



28/11/04 NWR 1 Cassiobury Rangers 5

Den Helder MoM Phil Thomas

Williams 70'


How cruel can this be? Nascot put their hearts into it and an own goal (or two) and a mistake in the box flattered the visitors into this result. Rangers were at their best today and with more clinical finishing might have seen the difference between the sides lessened.


Make no doubt, Cassiobury are a good side and played neat football, but Nascot matched them for energy, passion and commitment and at one point in the second half had the Cassionbury defence rattled enough to start panicking into their clearances.


Man of the match Phil Thomas was back to his best in midfield and covered every blade of grass to keep the team fired up. However this award could have been made to several others including Sam Colbeck , Rob West and Michael Williams. (As well as the four heroes at the back). Colbecks neat passing and excellent crossing making a real difference to the Nascot's attacks. His  one / two with Williams on the edge of the box absolutely sublime in the second half. Crossing brilliantly on the run for Williams to head just clear. Williams again going close one on one  on several occasions.


The game started well for Nascot but a loss of concentration at the back post for the first corner saw them disappointingly trailing early on. Lessons learnt, Nascot pressed on. Good play from Captain West set Ridwan Koodruth through nut he could not capaitalise. He did however, run his socks off for 10 minutes before having to be removed due to an injury. Alex Johnson working the right flank created several chances supported in the middle by Stephen Pich. But it was at the back that Nascots shape again looked much improved. Lead by Alex Combridge and partnered by Daniel Nightingale, apart from a few communication issues they never allowed the 'ball through the middle' to cause damage. Flanked by the steady performance of Glen White and the never say die, Carl Heard, little got past them.


Unfortunately Nascot could not correct the score by half time, even though efforts from Sam Colbeck through on goal; and a one on one from Williams when everyone thought he was off side smashing his shot over the bar. Rob West proving his value to the team creating many of these chances as well as having a go himself!


Martin Richardson could have crumbled under the assault on his cross bar, tipping brilliantly over on one occasion and then tipping a dipping corner away from danger. In the second half; he twice saved at point blank range when Cassiobury were certainly going to score again.


Louis Gullin was introduced into the fray at half time and made several marauding runs into the Cassiobury box, one of these releasing a fierce drive that was charged down by the defence. Louis back again to his best. With Thomas defending in front of the back four not much was getting though and with Alex Combridge defending with his life, Nascot pressed forward for the goal they really deserved.


West, Colbeck and Williams all had efforts but it was a defence splitting ball from Combridge that set Williams through to eventually get his well deserved first strike of the season. Having harried and pestered the Cassiobury defence for the best part of an hour, he really deserved this reward. It was however from the left flank that the best footballing effort on goal came. Colbeck having squeezed past his defender released a perfect cross to the edge of the 6 yard box for the arriving Williams to connect and head his bullet effort just over the bar.


The reintroduction of Koodruth for the injured Johnson added much needed legs and the guile of Pich's reintroduction again put pressure on the Cassiobury back four. Their Goalie played his part and Nascot cruelly went further behind when a dropped ball in the box fell painfully to a loose Cassiobury player. Most cruelly of all was the final goal which cannonned off a Nascot player arriving to defend the cross at the back post. White was placed back into the middle of the park to stall the oncoming Cassiobury waves but it was an absolutely fantastic interception from Thomas who saved Nascot falling further behind. Not to be outdone, Combridge pulled off a similar defence; demonstrating that Nascot would not lie down and die.


After the final whistle it was the Cassiobury Manager who came over to the Nascot team to praise them on their efforts and to suggest that this was not the same team they had thrashed a few weeks earlier.


Well done again to all of the squad, who demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and support from the sidelines and for the first time ever, supporters could hear the shouting and direction from the players to each other on the pitch, motivating each other to keep their effort going to the final whistle. Lets bottle this for next week!



21/11/04 NWR 1 Croxley 8

Den Helder MoM Carl Heard

Stephen Pich 20'


Nothing from the result was complimentary but Nascots attitude to this game was commendable given the scoreline. Rangers tried some new formations and attempted to play better football than they had for a while. Unfortunately when you are up against a strong tem vying for top spot you have to have more than Rangers good give.


4 or 5 lobbed shots over the keepers head turned a game that Nascot had managed to drag back from the brink in the first half with an excellent move when Michael Williams held up the ball on the edge of the box and laid on a pass for the oncoming Stephen Pich to strike a stunning shot over the keepers head.


1-3 down at half time this game was recoverable and Rangers battled to get back on terms but just over tin minutes into the half Croxley struck and Rangers slipped under.


Good points from the game were taken.


Stephen Pich dominated the middle in the early stages of the game alongside a bustling Robert West. Tom Martin, always busy along the right flank, early shots unluckily going wide. Michael Williams was excellent in the first 20 minutes in an unfamiliar lone front man's role. This role later taken on by the busy Alex Johnson. Sam Colbeck was dangerous on the left but was not given the ball enough to make a strong impact.


In the middle Louis Gullin was unfortunately subbdued after a hit in the delicates. Later returning to full strength! Phil Thomas was very good in the midfield berth putting in a good performance.


It was the back four that looked better than for some time and the score does not reflect the improved performance given that most shots floated over their heads. Alex Combridge and Daniel Nightingale in the centre with Glen White on the left all played well, but it was the performance of Carl Heard that really impressed. Under intense pressure throughout the game his effort, tackling and determination was an example to the rest.


Later introductions, Vinny Sin, Ridwan Koodruth and Adnan Ahmed all did well.


A time when Martin Richardson could have walked off in disappointment, he still managed to tip away a floated effort that was a certain goal to keep spirits up.


Terrible scoreline, better football. We were all proud of the teams attitude and efforts particularly those players either starting on the bench or being substituted.




14/11/07 Bovingdon 4 NWR 0

Den Helder MoM Daniel Nightingale / Tom Martin


20 crazy minutes undid Nascots good work and they shed 3 goals right down the middle and could not recover.


Starting well they held Bovingdon at bay prodding forward with good intent. However, 3 goals from Bovingdon, all  from similar balls through the middle put Rangers on the back foot by the end of the first half.


Out of the blocks in the second half Nascot dominated and played the better football.


Led by Robert West the team streamed forward and excellent play on the left from Sam Colbeck opened Bovvy up many times.


6 efforts from Nascot could not break the goal duck and Bovingdon on a rare attack scored the forth and final after 52 minutes. The remainder of the game saw Rangers plough forward with good inter play but the killer touch eluded them.


Daniel Nightingale played well in the first half in the left back position moving into the center in the second half. Tom Martin run himself into the ground to share the MoM award.


Can someone explain why Rangers always keep their best football for when its too late? If they start the way they finish then they would not have allowed Bovvy to go top with this win.


7/11/04 Borehamwood Youth Red 1 NWR 12

Alex Johnson 7', 9', 25'

Vinny Sin 21', 72'

Sam Colbeck 38'

Rob West 42'

Michael Barrett 43', 44' 60' 65'

Alex Combridge 53'

Den Helder MoM Michael Barrett


Twelve goals, two hatricks, three headed goals and first of the season goals for three players.


After a tentative start and a few wobbles at the back Nascot made their case for an early lead when Ridwan won a free kick on the right side of the box. Stephen Pich dummied for a cross and passed neatly to an unmarked Alex Johnson just outside the box, who blasted his shot at goal, only to see his effort tipped over the bar.


Heads up from this, Rangers sprung forward and Robert West picked out Alex Johnson with a ball into the 6 yard box and Alexslipped behind the defence and headed past the keeper. 2 Minutes later with the taste for goals in the air a rebound shot fell to Alex J and he drove is shot into the danger area and the keeper could not hold the powerful shot. Nascot then had to defend in numbers and (as ever) the engine room of Louis Gullin alongside Stephen Pich stamped their mark on the game to hold firm and keep BY Red at bay. Michael Williams winning several loose balls in front of the defence. This was Martin Richardson's busiest spell of the game and he dealt with all attacks neatly and confidently.


Stephen Pich turned provider on 21 minutes when his corner found an unmarked Vinny Sin on the front post to head past the stranded keeper. Alex J completed his hatrick on 25 minutes when coming in from the right flank he met a loose ball and sweetly struck Nascot's forth.


Having run himself into the ground Stephen made way for Tom Martin and his run and drive were off target. Robert West then cutting in from the left sent his shot just wide of the post. Repeating this effort two minutes later the shot again drifting across the keeper and wide of the far post. Louis Gullin continued to dominate the midfield and slipped Ridwan through, his layoff to Alex J and the resulting cross evading all strikers.


Sam Colbeck was introduced on the left and a beautiful ball from Michael Williams split the defence, with Rob dummying and Sam coming onto the ball his shot was just shy of the left post.


Defending was as important as attack; Alex Combridge returned to his early season form and was excellent first on the right and later moving into the middle. On the far side, Adnan Ahmed belied his size to outpower the strong centre forward on two occasions and as he came away with the ball he concentrated to release his passes in a disciplined way.


Tom Martin turned provider for the smallest player on the pitch to head his goal two minutes before half time. Sam Colbeck rose at the near post to power his headed effort past the keeper into the corner for his first of this campaign.


After a strong half time talk about discipline and position, Nascot flew out of the blocks scoring 3 goals in four minutes. Robert West, frustrated by early misses kept his calm when one on one with the keeper and as the goalie approached he neatly chipped a superb effort into the top right corner.


Michael Barretts introduction at half time with the responsibility for holding up the ball, paid off immediately when he broke through to beat the keeper. His step over was neat and then the turn and left foot shot was just fantastic. He's been threatening this goal for a while!


Fully motivated and fresh for the fight he broke through the defence a minute later taking a chip and header before striking his second.


Nascot then sustained a spirited few minutes of attacks from BY Red. The introduction of Carl Heard at the right side of defence at half time showed his best when he single handedly saved Nascot from certain goal bound attacks on two occasions. Also his recovering play was neat and simple, relaesing further Nascot attacks. It just demonstrated that you don't need to hoof the ball away to create chances. Not to be outdone, Alex Combridge put in a stunning tackle near the edge of the pitch to show that Nascot has steel as well as spirit.


Next to him in defence Phil Thomas was on hand to clear when BY Red broke down the middle. Glen White added some much needed legs in the left back position winning several tackles and a few headers and also releasing Sam to prowl the left flank.


Yet it was from Alex J's corner that Alex Combridge earned a well deserved goal for his hard work, meeting the header on the six yard box. (Sweet training ground stuff!).


Both teams were running out of steam on a very heavy pitch and the game then fell into a little bit of a rut with efforts from Rob, Tom, Louis and Michael Barrett all off target.


But putting good football back into the game, Sam Colbecks perfectly placed pass allowed Michael Barrett through on the hour for is hatrick which he nestled past the approaching keeper. He made it four; five minutes later when sheer hard work from Alex J robbed the left back of the ball and his neatly drilled cross from the by-line was met on the near post by Michael.


The goal effort was completed by Vinny scoring his second when he met a loose ball just on the right side of the six yard box and he drilled his effort into the net.


Discipline and cocentration slipped just before the final whistle when BY Red gained a deserved goal for their efforts. Carl Heard and Alex C were unable to stem the attack and with other players ball watching, the midfielder struck neatly to give Martin no chance.


Goal scorers will enjoy this result, but must not forget the contribution made by the team, especially the defence and midfield who worked hard to create the chances and players such as Carl Heard, Alex Combridge Phil Thomas, Adnan Ahmed and Glen White and  who worked hard to deny BY Red any consistent effort creating chances.




31/10/04 NWR 0 Bovingdon Youth 6

Den Helder MoM Louis Gullin


Spirited and energetic performances from Louis Gullin, Alex Johnson, Robert West and Tom Martin was not enough to get anything from this game. A multitude of shots from Tom Martin and Alex Johnson fro long range was the best Nascot could create and even when close in on goal the ping pong strikes just never fell for Rangers.


Phil Thomas returned to defence with a strong line up of Alex Combridge, Michael Williams and Glen White making his second appearance. The defence was strengthened with the addition of Dan Nightingale later in the match adding some steel to the tackles.


Michael Barrett's close range effort was easily saved and the determination of Captain Robert West was not enough to battle alone up front, the service supply being a little short.


Too many gaps, not enough tackles and again a few players just not up to speed saw Nascot go down too easily. Once behind they never managed to collect themselves together and the early domination particularly in midfield was lost in the panic to recover. The flanks were Rangers best routes and both Tom Martin and Alex Johnson worked them well in the first half.


Sam Colbeck returned to the left flank but never saw much of the game and Ridwan Koodruth could not stamp his mark on the game. Stephen Pich, influential in the early stages was moved out of the position due to an injury and Nascot lost their shape.


Louis battled throughout the game and has made great strides to improve his game.



24/10/04 NWR 4 Cassiobury 13 (Challenge Cup)

Ridwan Koodruth 29'

Michael Barrett 35', 60'

Stephen Pich 47'

Den Helder MoM Carl Heard


A well spirited and sporting game saw Nascot come off heavily beaten but not downhearted from a performance that shows some promise for the return to the league.


Missing top scorer and Captain amongst 3 other key players, Nascot were depleted going into this game against an in form Cassiobury. Cassiobury’s finishing was of the highest standard with 4 shots from outside the box and 5 back post headers. Nascot learn the lesson………


All that said there were some fine performances, most notably that of Man of the Match Carl Heard who playing in the unfamiliar right back position saved Nascot blushes many times and his never give up attitude was refreshing when he could have just given up.


Another hard working and controlled performance came from the smallest player, Adnan Ahmed, who really is battling for his left sided place against the influx of new players. Stephen Pich got on the score sheet after meeting a neat cross from Michael Williams and his passing was neat and controlled. Ridwan Koodruth got his well deserved goal and Michael Barrett hit two.


Glen made his Nascot debut but blisters from new boots stifled his effectiveness.Alex Johnson was busy on the right.


Alex Combridge improved through the match after a slow start and was on his toes in the second half to deny a further strike from Cassiobury. Martin Richardson again was busy in goal and it was from his long kick on 29’ that Ridwan powered through to score Nascot’s first. (Making it 1-5). Michael Barrett scored his first on 35’ cutting in from the left.


Stephens goal was a well worked effort when Michael Williams won the ball from a long Alex Combridge throw on the left and drilled a perfect pass across the 6 yard box for the arriving Stephen who broke the net with his shot on the far side. A great goal.


Michael Barretts second came when put through the middle by the busy Louis Gullin. One on one with the keeper, he kept his cool to slot neatly past him.


Nascot’s goals were all well worked, quality efforts and the spirit was demonstrated by all the team battling away regardless of the score. The shape of the team was good and further progress on our team play was demonstrated by our well worked goals.


Better concentration on set pieces and crosses would have seen Nascot concede less.


The Cassiobury Manager complemented the team on their spirit and fight which was greatly appreciated.


17/10/04 NWR 1 Woodhall 4

Robert West 30'

Den Helder MoM Martin Richardson


For 30 minutes Nascot played good well organised football. Swift movement from Sam Colbeck interplaying with Rob West on the left created the early chances. This duo created the first goal of the game with a sublime one two, Rob curling his effort into the far corner.


Woodhall immediately struck back and one on one with Martin Richardson after beating the offside trap the striker placed his effort into the corner. Martin Richardson's save to his right was just brilliant.


Louis Gullin was again busy in midfield alongside Stephen Pich. Alex Johnson working hard up the right flank. Just before half time the score was even and it was game was on.


Second half efforts from Louis, Rob and Stephen did not worry the keeper and Alex Combridges free kick went wide. Martin was again the hero pulling off two excellent saves but was unable to stop two further strikes and then a deflected shot.


Michael Williams, Alex Combridge and Phil Thomas were busiest in the second half but it was Michael Barrett who did well in the unaccustomed right back spot making several timely clearances. A lesson for many to observe.


A day of severe frustration and disappointment marred a steady performance from an improving side. Its just converting the chances that will sway the balance; and Nascot did have their chances to score on several occasions. We just have to put a name on it!




10/10/04 NWR 0 Gadeside 6 (County Cup)

Den Helder MoM Alex Johnson


Tough result on the team this week. They did not deserve to go down by this margin.


1 nil down with 10 minutes to go to half time, Nascot conceded 3 goals in a crazy five minute spell and the result was then never in dispute.


First half effort was good and the diamond on the right flank of Alex Combridge with Alex Johnson in front of him with Louis Gullen in the midfield is where Nascot's best efforts materialised. Michael Barrett and Ridwan Koodruth unable to capitalise against a determined defense.


Nice football was played at times but without an end result and the Gadeside goals were mainly unstoppable. Martin Richardson keeping his team-mates in the game with 2 good saves in the first half. He was unable to do anything for the goals.


The second half showed some spirit and Nascot fought harder and with Rob West back up front the ball was held up better. Efforts from Michael Williams, Rob West and Stephen Pich all on target did not do enough to warrant a goal.


Nascots best chance of scoring actually came in the first half from Tom Martin, cutting in on the left flank and striking the near post area. The keeper scrambled a save. Tom later withdrew with injury but until he did, he did not stop running.


Vinny Sin battled when he came on to no avail and with the midfield tiring they could not hold off and two more strikes in the second half crushed the possibility of any fight back.


Players who shone were Alex Combridge, Louis Gullen, Rob West and Tom Martin. Stephen Pich injured early on added some guile to midfield in the second half and some stern tackling from Phil Thomas showed he is coming back to form. Michael Williams pressed his team mates onwards and Carl Heard worked hard on the left. Adnan Ahmed and Daniel Nightingale performed well in defence but Nascot again just lacked enough players on form today to make the difference.


Alex Johnson's Man of the match award was bagged when he charged the full length of the pitch to win back the ball lost in a Nascot foray forward. Louis Gullen equalled these efforts many times and Martin Richardson was another candidate for the award.




3/10/04 NWR 0 Hemel Aces 2 (WFL League Green Division)

Den Helder MoM Louis Gullen


The winning bubble burst on Nascot today as Hemel exacted revenge for the League Cup loss 2 weeks ago.


Aces were the more direct team and once in front put nine men behind the ball. Rangers were unable to break them down on a day when few players were really firing on all cylinders.


Yet again Alex Combridge put in a fine display and without his last minute challenge in the first ten minutes Nascot would have been behind earlier.


Efforts from Sam Colbeck, Alex Combridge and Rob West did not challenge the Aces keeper and it was left to Louis Gullen, improving in midfield to win the Man of the Match award for Nascot Wood. He showed more enthusiasm and drive than his team mates to win the loose ball and although making much of the running in midfield alongside him, Tom Martin was unable to capitalise on the chances that fell.


Other good performances came from Martin Richardson, the calmest goalkeeper we have ever seen between the Nascot sticks, who was unable to do anything about the goals but saved several other goal bound efforts. Adnan Ahmed again put in a sterling effort and Daniel Nightingale did not disappoint in his second outing. The defence was strengthened at half time with Michael Williams and Phil Thomas, Alex Johnson adding some much needed bite to the weary midfield legs late on. Michael Barrett, Ridwan Koodruth and Rob West were all but shut out and the best chance to score fell late in the game to Sam Colbeck, who twisting and turning was unable to release a shot on target.


A good test for Nascot Wood Rangers Under 15's today. To win; the spirit and endeavour needs to be higher from more than a few players. Bring on the next game and another challenge!


26/9/04 St Albans Rangers 1 NWR 3 League Cup Pre Qual.

Robert West 19', 38', 47'

Den Helder MoM Robert West


Nascot followed their fine performance last week  with another good victory. Man of the Match Robert West sole the plaudits with a well taken hatrick but Phil Thomas was immense in defence and without this performance, the score could have been different.


NWR made a slow start and the first ten minutes looked ominous. St Albans broke through several times only to see their off target shooting disappoint the home fans. Nascot then stepped up a gear and shots from Michael Barrett and Robert West set the scene. It was this partnership that opened the scoring when a neat lay off by Michael ,was met by Robert and he swept the ball past the keeper into the far corner for No 1. Michael Barrett worked hard to hold up play and put on one of his best performances for some time. Spurred on, Alex Johnson pushed the down the flanks and as a measure of the pressure; it was the often heard 'off side' whistle sounding across the front line. Not to be outdone the SA Rangers defence had to be on guard after the slippery Sam Colbeck increased the pressure on the left flank.


In central midfield Stephen Pich and Carl Heard ran their socks off to keep the team solid and with the later introduction of Tom Martin and Louis Gullen into the centre, the team held up well. It was from this strength that the second goal came, although a superb solo effort from Robert West stole the show. Stephen slipping a neat pass through earlier, but the effort was denied.


Martin Richardson had to be on his mark when St Albans broke through. He also made a superb diving save top his left to stop a fiercely hit strike.


Michael Williams, again immense at the back was well corralled alongside Phil Thomas and it was Phil who saved the day in both half's when St Albans broke through. His tackle in the last few minutes of the second half was absolutely brilliant.


Alex Combridge came to the rescue, just after the half time interval to calmly stroke the ball back for Martin to clear. St Albans had their tails up and were pressing Nascot back. The defence held well and its discipline maintained and strengthened by the introduction of Daniel Nightingale for his début performance, on the left. He did not disappoint.


It was going forward that Nascot always looked dangerous and Robert West was causing mayhem in the back for St Albans. His strength and speed unsettling the defence. It took seven minutes into the second half for Rob to score his final and best goal for the hatrick. Having beaten the right back and cut in towards the box he noticed the keeper a few yards off his line and curled a stunning effort across the goal and into the far corner. A great way to sign off the hatrick.


Tom  Martin later moving 'up front' played a nice one two with Rob and the Captain's effort was brilliantly saved by the Rangers keeper as Rob tried to repeat his third goal stunner.


Alex Johnson then came close with an effort cutting in the from the right with his shot hitting the side netting. Carl Heard then added the much needed legs to a tiring Nascot team and with the improving Louis Gullen in central midfield, the battling spirit came through. Stephen Pich returned to his central berth and with the ever busy Sam Colbeck pushing Rangers back it was unlucky that Nascot never scored again.


Carl Heard bravely protected a point blank effort from going goal bound after a corner from St Alban's. Although he recovered quicker than the St Albans player who earlier took the full force of a Robert West effort, in a rather delicate place!


However, the team need to thank Martin for two point blank saves to deny St Albans alongside Phil's perfect challenges. It could have been a hairy last few minutes when the defence opened and allowed a midfield shot from the edge of the box that stung the crossbar. Nascot's luck well ridden, Tom Martin went up the other end and his effort was saved. Louis Gullen could just not get his effort through 3 defenders ganging up on him.


Stephen, Tom and Michael Williams all performed well.


A good all round team performance, crowned by the Captain's hatrick and some good individual performances from Phil Thomas, Michael Barrett, Sam Colbeck, Alex Johnson. Louis Gullen is starting to show his potential and with Alex Combridge, Adnan Ahmed, Daniel Nightingale and Carl Heard putting in sterling efforts, it was a result to be proud of. Capped by the ever present and cool keeping of Martin the teams confidence is spurring on improved performances.


A game played in good spirits saw the supporters swapping best wishes at the end and warmly deserved congratulations for Nascot Wood on their sporting behaviour from the home supporters. Something all too unfamiliar these days. Well done to all players and supporters.



19/9/04 NWR 5 Hemel Aces 2 Challenge Cup R1

Alex Johnson 10'

Ridwan Koodruth 17', 23'

Robert West 51'

Michael Barrett 78'

Den Helder MoM Michael Williams


Coming up against unbeaten Aces was challenge enough, but missing Tom Martin and Sam Colbeck, this game was going to be demanding.


Nascot set out their stall immediately and within 3 minutes Ridwan Koodruth had broken through and cutting in from the right saw his shot drift painfully close to the far post. Repeated identically, Alex Johnson cutting in from the right 2 minutes later, did the same thing and his shot scraped the far post.


Rangers stamped their mark on the game within the first ten minutes when Alex Johnson's strike beat the keeper for a deserved lead. Rangers sprung to the cause and an effort from Rob West playing in an unaccustomed striking role was saved by the keeper. Rangers kept the pressure on and this only became possible by the superb control and discipline of the back four who protected Nascot's lead with their lives. From this; the performance built and it did not take the ever present Ridwan long to strike twice in 6 minutes and give Rangers a very well deserved comfort zone. Michael Barrett was subbed after a nasty 50-50 and Carl Heard added some needed legs to the left. Alex Johnson powerfully dominating the right flank.


It was in the middle that many battles were won and Louis Gullen played a strong part alongside the silky Stephen Pich in keeping the Aces defence on their toes with several well flighted passes.


Yet it was probably at the back that this game was won. Martin Richardson's calm keeping and safe hands were always on call and his confidence in reading the sweepers roles shone through. Michael Williams won every header near him and with Phil Thomas back to his commanding self, not much was going to get past. Alex Combridge again demonstrated why he has earned the Vice Captain's role on several occasions with a strong and determined performance and the effort from Adnan Ahmed out punched his size on the pitch.


It was wake up time just before the half time whistle when Aces replied and this was a true test of Nascots nerve. Yet they went out in the second half and again took the game by the scruff of the neck and gained control and prove their bouncebackability. Carl Heard heading just across the face of the goal from a Stephen Pich corner. Michael Williams had an effort saved off the line by the impressive keeper. Rob West's passing was just awesome when he picked out Alex Johnson on the right  flank and Alex's shot come cross eluded everyone and rifted just wide. Alex Combridge then popped up with a fiercely struck shot which went just wide of the right upright after the ball broke loose in midfield.


Alex Johnson tormented the left back and having beaten two he was pulled down for a free kick. It didn't take long for Rob to get on the score sheet to reward his efforts and he connected with the Michael Williams free kick having timed his run through the defence to perfection to prod home the perfectly flighted ball.


Michael Barrett returned to the action and playing in front of the midfield he had a turn and shot from outside the box that "England 66 ish" crashed off the cross bar and bounced extremely close to the line and away. 3 minutes later he was put in an identical position and again having seen the keeper drift forward unleashed a fierce drive over the keepers head for his first of the season.


Adnan Ahmed (aka Ronaldhino) played some sweet football to beat two players and cut inside, however the Hemel defence closed up shop and he was over run.


Too many good news stories about performances to pick out any single player but from the goalkeeper through the defence and midfield and to the strikers, they all played their part in getting this result. Although Michael Williams commanding performance saw him win the man of the match award, Phil Thomas was neck and neck for his efforts at the back, alongside Alex Combridge and Adnan.


The goall scorers always get the credit and they deserve it too, but the defence was solid and the midfield strong, energetic and positive.


Nascot Wood can take pride in winning this game and more importantly in the way in which they did it. By playing the best team oriented football we have seen in some time.



12/9/04 Woodhall 5 NWR 0 League Cup Pre Qualif.

Den Helder MoM Tom Martin


On a different day Rangers may have had some luck! Having trailed after 10 minutes they equalised on 20  minutes with a superb solo effort from Ridwan Koodruth, only for the goal to be ruled off side. Unusually this was due to the player passing to himself!!!


Unable to hold the score Woodhall pushed on and exposed some frail defending. Unfortunately some individual mistakes were punished severely and Nascot fell further behind. Louis  Gullen came off injured. The highlight of the half was a superbly read penalty save by Martin Richardson.


The second half showed the Rangers spirit and the players dug in to show their resilience. Unfortunately as the legs tired, the gaps opened and further goals were leaked.


That's the bad news:

Man of the match Tom Martin never gave up his 110% efforts. Alex Combridge again demonstrated a cool and calm performance. The wide players Alex Johnson and Sam Colbeck both played a part in the attacks. A flick and volley from Robert West was excellently saved by the Wanderers keeper. Shots from Stephen Pich, Alex Combridge, Ridwan Koodruth all never made the back of the net.


In the middle of the park Carl Heard ran his socks off and with Phil Thomas putting in the tackles; there was something to take from the game and to work on for nest week.


Credit to Woodhall who played well and in a sporting manner, but Nascot must have more performances like that in the second half if they want to continue to improve.



5/9/04 NWR 1 Bushey Rangers 4 League Cup Pre Qualif.

Alex Johnson 85'

Den Helder MoM Alex Combridge


The most unexpected 4-1 loss we will ever encounter. Nascot were all over Bushey for the first 15 minutes and then went behind. Only point blanks saves from their keeper denied Louis Gullen a debut strike. A stunning free kick from the edge of the box by Sam Colbeck was tipped way from the top corner by the keeper. Brilliant football and keeping!


Two Nil down at half time and having played good football, Nascot went on the offensive and with shots from Louis, Tom Martin and Alex Johnson all saved it was not looking to be our day. Players limped off with blisters and tiredness on a very hot midday game but Martin Richardson kept Nascot noses in with a shout being quick off the mark to deny two one on ones.


Alex Johnson and Sam Colbeck tested the wings and it was from these areas we got best results, both players earning good reviews. Ridwan Koodruth took two spells up front and pressed well with Robert West in the centre of midfield with Stephen Pitch adding some battle. Carl Heard came on to add some much needed legs and interplayed with the ever improving Adnan Ahmed whose football was always neat and tidy. It was the unsung hero that won the Man of the Match award playing a steady and controlled game at the back, Alex Combridge.


For Nascot to get nothing would have been a travesty as they had 8 shots on target in the second half alone. The keeper, the woodwork and a little tiredness getting in the way. However, 5 minutes from time Alex Johnson's hard work was rewarded when he cut in from the right and near blasted the ball into the top of the net. Nice stuff!


Nascot's performance was much improved over last season and with better finishing and a keeper not in outstanding form they will win more games this time out.



About Us

2004/05 Squad: Adnan Ahmed,  Michael Barrett, Sam Colbeck, Alex Combridge, Tony Delaney, Louis Gullen, Carl Heard, Alex Johnson, Ridwan Koodruth, Tom Martin, Stephen Pich, Martin Richardson, Phil Thomas, Rob West, Michael Williams (Not in order of photo)!

2003/04 was the toughest so far but reaped many awards!!!  Won the Nascot Wood Rangers FC Team of the Season Award. Won the Leagues Most Sporting Team Award out of 64 teams. Quarter finalists of the Watford Penalty Shoot Out. Won the Chorleywood Tournamount Most Sporting Team Award.

2002/03 ended on a disappointing note following the teams great start to the league, staying at the top of the division for 6 weeks. The 2001/02 season was the first 11 a side for the team and they did well, qualifying to play in Division 3 of the BFL. Their strong team spirit saw us come third in the Fair Play Award out of 54 teams. We finished a credible 8th after leading the division for 6 weeks. 

We  had a successful 2000/01 season. The team came third in the ICIS West Herts League, qualified for both the semi final of the League Cup and the Challenge Cup and were the winners of the inaugural Nascot Wood Challenge Trophy. The team was featured in the 2001 Watford FC Programme (20th February).

The team were winners of the BFL Spring Trophy (1998).

The home ground is Queens School, with training taking place at Westfield School Astro Turf, Section 3 on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm

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