2005 2006 UNDER 8 Hawks

Zafir Jamil
George Postlethwaite
Oliver Cox
Dominic Legister
Harry Morris
Ewan Toucher
Jack Harris
The Management is:
Manager : Eric Toucher and Mick Morrisu


Sunday 8th January 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Edmonton Rangers v. NWR

7 - 2

Match Report 
Yet another totally uneven match.
Sunday 18th December 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Harvesters Nth v. NWR

8 - 1

Match Report 
Yet another totally uneven match.
Sunday 11th December 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Hadley Wood  v. NWR

10 - 0

Match Report 
To say that things were against us on this day is an understatement.  First the oil depot in Hemel blows up in the night causing petrol panics throughout Hertfordshire so half of our team could not turn up, the M25 was closed due to an accident so some more were delayed and then we were up against a team we should never have been playing (thanks Watford Friendly League).
A fair result for an unfair game.
Sunday 4th December 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR v. Strides

2 - 1

Match Report 
At long long last the success the boys have deserved.  A spirited display from the Hawks was rewarded by a 2 - 1 reverse.  The Christmas party the day before must have done the trick as the wood fought back from going down to an early goal and eventually taking the full reward.
Well done Lads.
Sunday 20th November 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR v. Strides
Cancelled due to frozen pitch
Match Report 
Sunday 13th November 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Riverside Hibs v. NWR

2 - 1

George Postlethwaite 
Match Report 
Some times you just don't get what you deserve, the first half of this competition belonged to the home side where two quick goals were bagged before half time.
Some changes in the second half and a lot of determined play from Nascot saw a cracking goal from George and a superb game from Jay in which we pegged back the home team and peppered their goal with shot after shot but we just could not get the reward we deserved.
Sunday 6th November 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR v. London Macabi Lions

0 - 7

Match Report 
A very uneven game saw a strong Lions side complete a training exercise against our boys.  All of our fellas kept going to the end but to no avail.
Sunday 30th October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Sarrat Rebels v. NWR

2 - 1

Zafir Jamil  
Match Report 
Hawks undone by the Rebels

The season is now underway and the Hawks started with a chance to avenge last weeks drubbing at the hands of Sarratt Rebels, Nascot raised their game and got straight into the action and for the first 10 minutes the home side did not know what hit them, Nick Cortes, Charlie Hewett and Jack Harris entered into and an early festive spirit becoming "we three kings" of the midfield and not allowing Sarratt a second on the ball. This early pressure was rewarded by a superb goal by Zafir Jamil lobbing the keeper to open the scoring 1 - 0 to the Wood. Sarratt then came back into the the game claiming two quick goals and forcing a premiership class save from Oliver Cox. As the half wore on the Hawks regained control of the game, this was led from the back by a marvelous defensive display from Dominic Legister and Harry Morris, pushing the game forward and allowing the midfeild to go on the offensive. Towards the end of the first half Jay Herridge replaced Harry to add some more fight to the midfield and fight he did, end to end for the rest of the game. The Half finished 2 - 1 home advantage, but we thought we had a great chance to win. So with the introduction of the ever running Ewan Toucher we were in for a real peach of second half.

Nascot took the game to their opponents and pressed and pressed for the equaliser forcing two penalties, the ball shaving the wood work on three occasions, scrambled away attempts and umpteen corners, but in the end the capricious gods of football conspired to keep the ball out of the net (just the same as Spurs) and allowed the game to finish 2-1.

The fighting spirit shown by our lads must be rewarded soon and good times are ahead.

Come on the Wood!
Sunday 23rd October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR U8 Hawks v. Sarrat Rebels

0 - 6

Match Report 
Due to family commitments and being threatened with a thonging if I don't cook the Sunday Roast this week, it's just a short one this time. Thank the football gods that the seeding games are now over and we can get on to some real footy. The boys played well and did not get the result they deserved, so all we can do is go back to training and make sure we start getting what is coming to us. I can hand on heart say that every boy on the pitch gave his all for team and club and I will be happy to get us playing some even sided games.

Come on the Wood

Team: Ronnie Forbes, Ewan Toucher, Jack Harris, Charlie Hewett, Jay Herridge, Max Comissiong, Harry Morris, Dominic Legister, Nick Cortes, Zafir Jamil, Michael Houbart, Oliver Cox
Sunday 16th October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Echos v. NWR U8 Hawks

2 - 0

Match Report 
I'm not sure if it was an echo or déja vu but the Hawks went down 2-0 to Echoes again. A determined Hawks team fought non-stop through a frantic first half proving that we are a match for any team. The lively half was contested evenly in midfield by Charlie "The Anvil" Hewett and Ronnie "The Hammer" Forbes, with darting runs from "Go greased lightning" Jack Harris added to the preditorial instinct of Harry Morris Rex Nascot kept Echoes penned in for large portions of the first half. The Echoes front line were neatly marshalled by Michael "The Rock" Houbart and Dominic "The Hard Place".

Legister, with a magnificent goal keeping display by our Max "England's No1, England-England's No1" Comissiong. A very good Nascot performance saw us through to half time with the score 0-0.

The second half started evenly again and with the added energy of George "The Power House" Postlethwaite and the High Voltage Jay Herridge in Midfield, plus the dynamic Nick Cortes adding a new dimension of "ouch" to the Echoes defensive vocabulary the game very quickly turned in Nascot Wood's favour. Wave after wave of purple attacks crashed against a resolute home defence with The Wood unable to capitalise on the greater possession. A rear second half break, well defended led to an Echoes corner, which was was scrambled in for an undeserved (sorry Echoes) Home advantage. A very good break away from Echoes saw the lead doubled while Nascot were still reeling from the first. The Hawks then applied some pressure of their own with a last surge which saw lots of action around the Echoes goal mouth and a superb long range snap shot go just wide from Dominic.

At the final whistle the score remained Echoes 2 - 0 Nascot Wood Rangers Hawks, but again we proved we have bundles of talent and the Hawks will go marching on!

Team: Nicolas Cortes, Michael Houbart, Max Comissiong, George Postlethwaite, Dominic Legister, Harry Morris, Jay Herridge, Ronnie Forbes, Jack Harris, Charlie Hewett

Sunday 9th October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Omonia White v. NWR U8 Hawks

4 - 0

Match Report 
A battling performance from Nascot Wood saw us fall to an extremely efficient Omonia White. After a journey time rivalling a trans-atlantic voyage, getting lost in the biggest football park in creation and nearly kicking off a match against the wrong team we finally arrived for our dual against Omonia White. Nascot started well but quickly found out we were in for a tooth and nail battle. We conceded a goal quickly and decided to re-arrange the formation into more defensive set-up, our defence of Ewan Tocher and Max Comissiong performed miracles suppressing a relentless Omonia attack and Oliver Cox in goal turned aside shot after shot with catlike grace. The midfield battle saw some heroic efforts by George "the dynamo"
Postlethwaite and Nick "the engine" Cortes with some fierce defending from Jay Herridge who is shaping up to be the club's very own Ledley King.
Despite our best efforts most of the first fifteen minutes was played around our penalty area leaving Michael Houbart pretty stranded up front, but when he did get the ball his tireless running caused panic in the Omonia back ranks with only some last second tackling denying him a shot at goal. With the game going pretty much Omonia's way a long ranged effort through a crowded box flew home sparking off goal celebrations to rival the millennium party. We introduced lightning Jack Harris into the fray and changed the beleaguered defence for the very impressive Dominic Legister and Harry Morris. A very impressive and well rehearsed goal celebration followed another Omonia goal.

During the half time team talk I asked my Hawks to go and win the second half and they made me proud by taking the game to the home team and really making a game of it. Zafir Jamil our hawk-eyed marksman came on up front, Charlie "the enforcer" Hewett added some steel to the midfield and Rocket Ronnie Forbes revitalised the attacking midfield. The boys of Nascot gave a great account of themselves forcing some saves from the Omonia keeper and pressuring their defence for long periods of a very lively second half.
Football is not always the kindest game in the world and a pass across the Nascot box evaded attackers and defenders alike and bobbled in to make the score 4 - 0 to the home team and a deserved (and extremely well celebrated) win for Omonia.

The Hawks will march again!

Team: Oliver Cox, Ewan Tocher, Max Comissiong, Nick Cortes, Zafir Jamil, Michael Houbart, George Postlethwaite, Dominic Legister, Harry Morris, Jay Herridge, Charlie Hewett, Jack Harris, Ronnie Forbes

Sunday 2nd October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Edson Youth v. NWR U8 Hawks

2 - 5

Zafir Jamil
George Postlethwaite (3)
Harry Morris
Match Report 
A fantastic result against a disciplined, hard fighting team from Edgware.
The Hawks got off to the best start imaginable when deadly Zafir Jamil pounced on a defence splitting through ball from the energetic George Postlethwaite to slot home a precision strike that started celebrations for the travelling support which would last all morning. With the Hawks 1 - 0 up it was time to roll up our sleeves and set about consolidating our lead, and the Hawks midfield showed they were up to the task by putting on a passing display of supreme confidence. Nick Cortes, George Postlethwaite, Harry Morris and Michael Houbart played some of the best football witnessed to date with all four of them working box to box non-stop for the rest of the half, any time the Edson strikers made it passed the Hawks midfield they were stopped in their tracks by Dominic "The Fortress" Legister our very own four man defence, this limited the home team to a series of long range shots which were collected in a business like fashion by our returning goal keeping hero Oliver Cox. Despite many chances created in the first half it remained 1 - 0 at the whistle.

The second half saw the introduction of our substitute Max Comissiong to continue the fight in midfield and Harry Morris replace Zafir up front. The second half started well with Max establishing himself, making tackle after tackle and feeding the front men. Harry played a high line up front and effectively removed three of their players from the game again giving our midfield the run of the pitch. Early in the second half George capitalised on our greater possession and doubled the lead scoring the first of a hat-trick. Edson then created a very good attack, finishing well to pull the score back to 2 - 1. The revival did not last long with some great work down the left flank by the ever classy Nick fed the ball through a pack of defenders for Harry to muscle his way to goal and crash in a glorious finish. George was on hand again to ping in a sublime effort beating the home keeper at the post and then finally he sent in a corner cross which beat the defence, our attack and the keeper to curl into the far corner.
The Hawks did not have it all their own way in the second half as Edson came on really strong in the last 10 minutes and again Dominic and Michael (who dropped back to give some much needed assistance) were called on again and again to defend our lead, Oliver was being brought into the game more making some very good saves as well as a moment of pure magnificence when at full stretch he pulled off the save of the match. Edson had the final say with a truly awesome long range goal which I doubt even Paul Robinson would have saved. At the final whistle Nascot Wood had a well deserved and hard fought victory.

And the Hawks go marching on!

Team: Oliver Cox, Dominic Legister, Michael Houhart, George Postlethwaite, Nicolas Cortes, Harry Morris, Zafir Jamil. SUB Max Comissiong
Sunday 25th September 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR U8 Hawks v. Evergreen Juniors

0 - 1

Match Report 
Despite a good performance from the Hawks and the majority of the possesion, the result went against us. From the start the Hawks were pressuring a well organised Evergreen side, with Zafir Jamil and Harry Morris causing all sorts of problems for the visiting defence. The midfield was being capably bossed by George Postlethwaite and Dominic Legister with Nick Cortes making some magnificent darting runs from the back. Any of the break thrus Evergreen had were brushed aside by our rock at the back Michael Houbart and the few shots they got off against us were quickly mopped up by "Safe Hands"
Max Comissiong in goal. As the first half moved on with our subs chomping at the bit to get on, we introduced Ewan Tocher to spearhead our attack and Jay Herridge for a trade mark high octane performance in midfield. As the half drew to an end, with the Hawks on top, a break away and a little bit of inexperience at the back saw the visiting team scramble a goal home. In the second half the Hawks started on top again with pressure all the way. A long range effort from George had the crowd on the edge of their seats, a class attempt by Super Nick, a penalty appeal turned down and a superb passing play which ended with Harry through on goal and forcing the save of the match by the Evergreen keeper were just a few of the nail biting incidents in the scond half. At the final whistle Evergreen had held on to claim a hard fought victory, but with more performances like that it will surely not be long before the Hawks go marching on. Come on you Hawks!

Team: Max Comissiong, Michael Houbart, Nicolas Cortes, Dominic Legister, George Postlethwaite, Harry Morris, Zafir Jamil.
Subs used: Jay Herridge, Ewan Tocher
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