2005 2006 UNDER 9 Eagles



1. Joe Plant
2. Adam Lansley
3. Monir Sagar
4. David Cross
5. Alex Reeder
6. Taylor Cobb
7. Daniel Murphy
8. Luke Verlander
9. Callum Tocher
Manager.           Bryan Cross
Asst. Manager.      Mark Cobb
Sunday 5th March 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Croxley Guild Tigers v. NWR

3 - 0

Match Report 
Eagles mauled by the Tigers.

The Eagles met there match today against the champions elect, Croxley Guild.
An even 1st half ended scoreless, with both teams having few chances to score.
The second half and in a blistering 5 - 10 minute spell,  Croxley are 2-0 up.
As Eagles push forward to get back in the game, Croxley break and finish the game off with the 3rd goal.
Again the effort was there, but a few defensive lapses was enough for the opposition to punish us.
Highlight of the day was the referee, head in hands virtually on his knees wincing as one of our defenders almost put the striker into the next field. Ouch !!!
Team: Adam, Callum, Monir, Alex, Taylor, Ross, David, Luke, Daniel
Sunday 26th February 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR v. Gadeside Rangers

4 - 1

Match Report 

Home or away ?

The Eagles find the net again with a solid home performance ...away at Gadeside !   With Adam's absence we had to convince Joe to start in goal, who merely became a spectator. The lads started well forcing corner after corner, but with no end result.  After 10 mins we started to think the dreaded again but eventually the ball broke loose to David who hit a sweet volley into the roof of the net which settled the nerves. We then followed with a neat finish from Daniel and a long range effort from Taylor..........more  like Ashley Young than Lee Trundle .  The second half Callum took the goalie gloves over and we continued to dominate. Luke hit a great shot from the edge of the box with their keeper stranded and then we missed a few good chances to go further ahead before Gadeside got a late consolation goal.   A good all round performance with Mark now 66-1 for the England job!! (but we dont quite know what sport,!!  Bryan )    

Team: Joe, Monir, Alex, Callum, Luke,Taylor, David, Daniel, Ross

Sunday 19th February 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
London Colney v. NWR

1 - 1

Match Report 
"Deja Vu !!"...............or Not again !

Last weeks report could be used for this weeks game, but with a better result.
On another small boggy pitch the Eagles spend the 1st half as of last week, but again no result. The opposition goalkeeper having an outstanding game, saving and catching everything.
2nd half and more of the same, it looks like last week revisited and then to prove the point we go 1-0 down, as Colney find their way through our defence. Oh dear !!
But the difference this week is we score, hooray ! A strong run and shot by Taylor gives the keeper no chance and its 1-1. A relief spreads around the management and supporters.
So for the 2nd week running, after having all the play we end up without a win. Again I cant fault any of the players for their efforts, and chances made. i just wish someone would make the goals bigger or move them 6ft either way.

Just like to add that I'm proud of all the players, parents and supporters who are always sporting and generous to the opposition every week. NOT like the crowd at London Colney.

Team: Adam, Monir, Callum, Alex(c), Daniel, Luke, Taylor, Ross, David.
Sunday 12th February 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
V.P.Knights v. NWR

1 - 0

 Joe Plant
Match Report 
It's a funny old game !!

To anybody who was watching this game this was an unbelievable result.
On an atrocious day, rain wind and the cold being the order for the day, the Eagles arrive to see a boggy pitch, the size of a small back lawn covered in puddles.
From the start the Eagles press forward and in the 1st half have corner after corner, chance after chance, but unbelievably no goals.
Half time and with the belief that when we score one we will score a hatful, the 2nd half starts the same way. On the one occasion that the Knights get into our half, they score. 1-0.
Through out the match the goal frame,on 4 occasions, the opposition goal keeper, and even our own players seem to get in the way of the goal that our play deserved. If possession, shots and corners counted towards a win, this would have been a rugby score. Unfortunately they don't, and we end up with nothing.
The lads put in 100% in endeavour, effort, and work rate and if we had been there for a week I dont think we would have scored.
Just one of those days !!

Team : Adam, Monir, Alex, Taylor, Luke, Daniel, Ross, Joe (c).
Sunday 5th February 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR v. London Colney Colts

2 - 1

Daniel (2) 
Match Report 
Dazzling Danny's delightful double !

Two goals from Daniel, one in the 1st minute and the other in the last, were enough for the Eagles to win a game that we tried hard to give away.

As with the past few weeks, an early goal from the Eagles should have been the catalyst for more, but as of late the opposition have been the ones to start playing and attack. Plenty of chances come our way but good goal keeping and defending keep us at bay. London Colney bring the scores level half way through the half, with a nicely taken goal.

Second half and much the same, then in the last minute a corner from Daniel finds its way over the line , and its 2-1 Eagles.
A very nervous 2nd half for the management, but the never say die attitude brings us through.

Team : Adam, Luke, Joe, Alex, Calum , Ross, Daniel (c), David, Monir, Taylor

Sunday 29th January 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR v. Harvesters East

2 - 1

Daniel (2) 
Match Report 
Mark's match Report

The eagles were back to winning ways again with sweet revenge against Harvesters .We took an early lead with a good strike from Daniel. As per the previous meeting we then sat back and let Harvesters back into the game. Daniel then made it 2-1 to the Eagles with another good strike. At half time the assistant manager bribed the lads with an all expenses paid weekend away to centre parks from our generous manager Bryan if we hung on to our lead (only joking Bryan calm down).

The second half was a bit nervy with Adam making a couple of brave saves ,thankfully we held on to win and the assistant manager changed his so far not very impressive record.

p.s. we found the match ball on the roof!!

Team : Adam, Calum, Monir, Luke, Daniel, David, Joe, Alex, Taylor
Sunday 22nd January 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Harvesters East v. NWR

3 - 2

Match Report 
"It's a funny old game"

With the Eagles coming up against the old adversaries from last season this match was not for the faint hearted, and so it showed. On a very "sticky" pitch good football was going to be very difficult.
An early goal from Daniel, and the majority of the possession in the 1st half should have put us well in control, but just before half time the defence was caught out and Harvesters were through on goal. A good save from Adam , but the ball rebounded to their striker who made no mistake the 2nd time. half-time 1-1.
Second half and much the same. Taylor then makes it 2-1, beating a couple of players and cracking the ball passed the unfortunate keeper. 5 mins later and a goal that would give David Seaman nightmares ( if he was there that is). A throw-in just inside the Eagles half and a huge up-and -under from the Harvesters Striker. It loops high and far and sails into the net just under the cross bar in the far corner, with Adam having no chance, cue crazy celebrations 2-2
With just a few minutes left on the clock and with the Eagles pushing for a winner, a replica of the 1st goal, as harvesters break and ease through the defence the striker finds himself one on one with Adam and makes no mistake and the winner is scored. Cue even more excitement from the supporters.

If a game was won on possession, then this game would have been over by half time. But as we know "It's a funny old game ".
Next week we have our chance for revenge as Harvesters make their way to our place for the return game.
Team: Adam, Joe, Calum(c), Monir, David, Alex, Taylor, Daniel, Luke
Sunday 15th January 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
NWR v. Abbots Red

4 - 1

Luke (2)
Match Report 
"Its just like watching the Swans"
A brilliant all round performance from the Eagles today as our unbeaten league record stays intact.
After last weeks heartbreak of the penalty shootout in the cup, the eagles were full of confidence against a team you like to pass the ball around well.  Right from the start playing down the slope the Eagles pressurise the Reds defence. From one of our many corners , Luke manages to put the ball over the line and keeps his excellent goal scoring record going.
2nd goal was another "Trundlesque" effort from Taylor. He skilfully beats 3 players and from outside the area cracks the ball into the top corner of the net , leaving the Reds keeper with no chance. 2-0
Just before half time, the Reds score from a corner with an excellent effort from their centre half.2-1
Then the move of the match, Daniel plays a brilliant long ball to Joe on the edge of the area who with a deft touch lays it back for Luke, and a first time effort hammers the crossbar. A brilliant effort and passing move that deserved a goal.
Second half and with the Eagles defence holding firm and the Reds unable to get their passes going a 3rd goal . Joe finds himself with the ball on the side of the area and bulldozers his way passed 2 defenders, and lays the ball to Luke who makes no mistake and 3-1.
No win would be complete without a effort from Daniel, and finding himself outside the area with the ball, hammers an effort into the roof of the net.

4-1 and a great effort from every player.

Team: Adam, Luke, Daniel, Taylor, Callum(c), Monir, Alex, Joe.
Sunday 8th January 2006Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. Northwood
Spring Cup

(1-3 on penalties)

LukeCalum Tocher
Match Report 

Heartbroken by penalties

Another cup game and another home game. Against a very stong Northwood team who are 2 divisions above us and unbeaten for the season the Eagles play their most impressive game, and unfortunately lose to the dreaded penalty shoot out.
In an excellent game played from end to end throughout, this was a classic cup-tie. With Northwood scoring early in the 1st half it looked like another disappointing day, but just before half time Daniel threads a perfect pass through to Luke who makes no mistake with a cracking shot past the keeper.
An outstanding performance from Calum in defence and a thoroughly brilliant all-round team effort the scores finish at 1-1, with not even extra time finding the winner even though both teams had chances to win it, it went to the dreaded penalty kicks.
Unfortunately we miss 3 times with Daniel the only scorer, and lose 3-1.

I would just like to tell all the boys today that I was proud to be their Manager, in the way we played the game and how we didnt stop tackling and battling throughout. So wipe away the tears and pat yourselves on the back

Sunday 18th December 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. Borehamwood Diamonds

2 - 0

Daniel Murphy (2) 
Match Report 

Diamonds lose their Sparkle.

On a very frosty morning which only went ahead after a thorough pitch insection from the opposing manager ( i think the thought of the club being open for christmas drinks after the game had something to do with it). A game in which the Eagles should have it all wrapped up by half time, but the half time lead of 2-0 courtesy of 2 cracking goals from Daniel were enough.
Second half and chance after chance went begging with the eagles spending the whole time camped in the Diamonds half.
But another 3 points for the Eagles going into the Christmas break unbeaten in the league.
Well done to all the boys !

Sunday 4th December 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. Borehamwood Shamrocks
Challenge Cup Round 2

1 - 4

Match Report 

Post party blues

It seemed the boys were hung over from last nights christmas party, which resulted in the poorest performance of the season against a team unbeaten and a division above us.

Team: Adam, Monir(c), Calum, Alex, Luke, Taylor, David, Daniel

Sunday 27th November 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
AEK Kalopsida v. Nascot Wood Eagles

3 - 4

Daniel  (3)
Monir Sagar
Match Report 

Against All Odds

A long trip down to Southgate on an early Sunday morning for the top of the table clash against AEK. On a pitch that at best can be described as dreadful. Long grass and mud covering the lines and a very unsuporting home contingent seemed to be the order for the day.

The Eagles start playing up the hill and were soon penned back, but a break away from Daniel and a long distance shot that seemed to curl for ever made it 1-0. Not long after we are 2-0 up, again another long distance drive from Daniel finds the back of the net. AEK attack but cant seem to find their shooting boots , and with Monir having an outstanding game in defence.Just before half time Taylor hits a perfect volley that the keeper does well to save and parry, and quick as a flash Daniel gets there 1st and completes a brilliant hat trick.

Second half and straight from kick off AEK pull back a goal, and now with their confidence rising they continue to attack. On a rare excursion into our opponents half Luke finds himself on goal and makes no mistake with a top corner drive, 4-1.
This seems to upset the oposition and with 12 minutes of "Alex Ferguson injury time" AEK pull 2 more goals back. But fair play and good sportsmanship win at the end of the day and 3 more valuable points for the Eagles.

Team : Adam, Monir (c), Calum, Alex, Taylor, Luke, Joe, David, Daniel

Sunday 20th November 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. Croxley Guild  Tigers

1 - 1

Luke VerlanderAdam Lansley
Match Report 

Eagles tamed by the Tigers

An outstounding performance from Adam in goals today was the highlight of the game between 2 of the unbeaten teams in the League.
A deflected goal in the 1st half was enough to put the Tigers ahead, but it could have been more, as the Eagles couldnt seem to get going.
2nd half and a much improved performance. 3 mins into the 2nd half and another goal from " hot-shot" Luke, taking his tally to 6 goals in 3 league games.
Much of the 2nd half was played end to end, with both teams attacking at every opportunity.
The Eagles could have snatched an unlikely 3 points in the last minute. A long range effort from Joe was intercepted by Daniel, who turned and a hit a cracking shot that was deflected on to the bar.
But on the whole a well deserved draw.

Team: Adam, Alex, Monir (c), Joe, Taylor, Luke, Daniel, Callum

Sunday 13th November 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Gadeside Rangers v. Nascot Wood Eagles

0 - 6

Daniel Murphy (2)
Luke Verlander (2)
Taylor Cobb (2)
Match Report 
The Eagles find their range !

After last weeks excellent performance it was to be more of the same this week.
With confidence oozing through out the team, we arrived at Gadeside on a cold but rain-free Sunday morning.
We kick off and are on the front foot from the start. During a goal mouth scramble Daniel manages to squeeze the ball between the goalkeeper and the defender. 1-0. It is one way traffic and from a throw in, the ball loops into the air and a rare sight beholds, we score from a header. Well Luke does anyway. Whether his hat falls over his eyes and the ball hits him ,or he leaps high and cracks the ball into the net is open for debate . 2-0
Taylor then makes it 3-0, with a long distant effort, and Luke then scores his 5th goal in 2 games to make it Half time 4-0.

The 2nd half starts with a substitute referee, and more of the same from the Eagles. Two further 2nd half goals from Daniel and Taylor's Trundlesque effort ( as of Lee Trundle Swansea's superstar) takes the final score to 6-0.

An excellent display from the lads that takes us to the top of the League, on goal difference.
well done !!

Team : Joe, Monir, Alex, Taylor, Luke, Daniel, David (c), Callum
Sunday 6th November 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. VP Knights

3 - 1

Luke Verlander (3) 
Match Report 
Its A Good Knight For The Eagles !
An excellent all round team performance from the Eagles saw our defence of the Green Division start with 3 points and 3 goals.
On a wet and cold morning, and only 7 players available , team selection was not a problem. A few positional changes and a very positive attitude throughout, we kicked off playing down hill.
The 1st half was our best performance all season with slick passing moves and good football all through the team. We go in at half time with the slenderest of leads. The only goal scored in a goalmouth melee by Luke.
2nd half and playing up the hill and into the rain it was more of the same. 2 further goals for Luke and a few more chances that went begging, it could have been a more comprehensive win. With 10 mins to go the Knights scored a nicely worked goal and made the end to the game very exciting, but they were taken to the sword by a flying Eagles team.
I would like to congratulate the players on their attitude today , and It seems my nagging in training has started to pay dividends. Well done !!!!
Team : Adam, Monir, Alex, Taylor, Luke, David (c), Callum
Sunday 30th October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. OXHEY UNITED BLACK
(Challenge Cup)

7 - 0

Match Report 
Sunday 23rd October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. Hemel Athletic

3 - 10

Daniel  (2)
Match Report 
Sunday 16th October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Harvesters South v. Nascot Wood Eagles
2 - 0  
Match Report 
Sunday 9th October 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. Croxley Guild Panthers
3 - 9
Taylor Cobb
Daniel Murphy
Luke Verlander
Match Report 
Up against a very skilful and talented Croxley team the Eagles never gave up and scored 3 cracking goals, from Taylor in the 1st half, and late goals from Daniel and Luke, all from long range.
Sunday 25th September 2005Result:Scorers:Man Of The Match:
Nascot Wood Eagles v. Everrett Rovers Black
2 - 0
Taylor Cobb
Daniel Murphy
Match Report 
2 first half goals from Taylor and Daniel were enough to see the Eagles start the new season with a win and 3 points against a plucky Rovers team.
Not the best performance we are likely to produce but a win is a win.
Hopefully as the opposition gets stronger and the more games we get under our belt the performances will get better.
Team:  Joe, Adam, Monir, Daniel(cap), Luke, Alex, Taylor, sub Callum
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