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Date Result Scorers
Sun 5th November 2006 Hawks U9 2 Enfield Rangers Black U9 5 [aet]

Squad : Zafir Jamil, Ronnie Forbes, Dominic Legister, Ewan Tocher, Charlie Hewett, Alfie Jenner, James Bowen, Harry Morris.

Firework Night came early on sunday, as Cup football descended on woodside. The WFL Challenge Cup, brought with it, thrills, spills, a penalty shoot out and a cracker of a game.
The Hawks continued in last weeks fine form, attacking from the off and playing the kind of football that is a pleasure to watch.The cheers and excitement generated from an enthralled crowd, brought admiring glances from the onlookers at the adjacent pitches, so much so, they abandoned their games and joined in to watch, creating a fantastic atmosphere which only further encouraged the two teams to produce possibly the game of the season so far.
An energetic game showcased the skills of each side and, just before half time, a superbly crafted free kick from Ewan Tocher, caused panic in the Enfield goal mouth, resulting in Harry Morris returning the clearance, by lashing the ball into the top corner of the net.
Deservedly ahead at the start of the second half, the Hawks continued to push forward, searching for a second goal.Enfield, playing their part in this scintilating encounter, managed to pull one back with minutes to go, bringing the prospect of extra time and the possibility of a penalty shoot out.
Suffice to say, extra time came and went and the resulting shoot out caused a flurry of nail biting and chain smoking for the Hawks management, but in all honesty, despite having played the better football, the heroics of the Enfield goalie was the difference on the day.
On a lighter note, this was a game of two Tochers, after protracted negotiations and great expense, we were able to secure the refereeing services of Eric `colinia` Tocher, who admirably marshalled the game and a special mention for man of the match Ewan Tocher, who covered every blade of grass on the pitch and who exemplified the virtues of effort and sportsmanship.



Date Result Scorers
Sun 29th Oct 2006 Evergreen Youth 2 v U9 Hawks 0  

Squad : Zaf Jamil, Ronnie Forbes, Dominic Legister, Ewan Tocher, Charlie Hewitt, Alfie Jenner, Jack Harris, Harry Morris.To Abbotts Langley and the eagerly awaited fixture with group leaders Evergreen Youth.

From the start the Hawks left the blocks like dervishes and carried out a relentless bombardment on the opponents area. A succession of crosses, through balls and shots kept evergreen on the back foot for the whole of the first half.
This was by far the most disciplined, commited and well crafted performance of the season so far, encouraged by a excitable crowd of supporters.

The start of the second half continued with the Hawks producing a scintilating performance, but alas, the effects of such a high tempo game, coupled with head and face injuries to Ewan Tocher & Alfie Jenner respectively, a nasty crack on the shin for Charlie `the governer` Hewitt and the effects of a heavy saturday night for Ronnie Forbes momentarily took their toll, Evergreens first foray into the Hawks half saw them pinch a sneaky goal. Unfortunately another soon followed, but this was still against the run of play and only spured the Hawks into launching another salvo of attacks, causing Evergreen to make two goal line clearances.
Despite the result, this was a superb effort, with each and every player turning in a man of the match performance.
Andy and myself were proud to witness such an accomplished display and echo the comments of the enthraled onlookers.


Well done the Hawks.

Date Result Scorers
Sun 1st Oct 2006 Under 9 Hawks 0 Hadley Rangers 4  

Despite a spirited performance, including some spectacular gaolkeeping by Zaf Jamil and a man of the match performance from Ronnie Forbes, the u9Hawks succumbed to a number of pieces of bad luck. A gritty all round effort was not enough to overcome a brace of own goals and the familiar looking skills of Hadleys other scorer number 10.

The sight of a blacked out Lincoln Navigator parked pitch side & the emergence of the statuesque blonde, Dutch looking driver joining the spectators may have been a clue. No not Britt Ekland, but a Mr Berkamp, yes Dennis Berkamp, pitch side, to cheer on his son, number 10 for Hadley.That was the only difference between two entertaining sides. A sporting contest refereed by the outstanding Nick Legister.

P.S. The u9 Hawks have declined the services of the following offspring, Shearer, Lineker, Shevenko, crespo, Blisset,Best and Bowles.

Team; Zaf Jamil, Ronnie Forbes, Ewan Tocher, Dominic Legister,Charlie Hewett, Alfie Jenner, Jack Harris, Harry Morris.

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