2008 2009 Under 10 Falcons


Manager: Tony Griffiths
Assistants: Russell Cole, Oliver Beaumont and Brian Silver.


Joint Winners of the Watford Friendly League Purple Division

Plate Winners at Harefield 6-a-side Tournament

Final Position

P, W, D, L, F, A, D, P

Oakhill Tigers U10 Tigers 18 13 3 2 64 9 +55 42
Nascot Wood Rangers U10 Falcons 18 13 3 2 46 15 +31 42
Panathinaikos Youth U10 18 10 3 5 38 16 +22 33
Alexandra Park U10 South 18 9 5 4 46 33 +13 32
Finchley Revolution U10 Orange 18 9 4 5 46 25 +21 31
Riverside Hibernian U10 18 9 3 6 39 33 +6 30
Edmonton Rangers U10 Elite 18 5 3 10 24 48 -24 18
Oxhey United U10 Raiders 18 5 1 12 26 51 -25 16
Harvesters U10 East 18 4 0 14 22 47 -25 12
Olympiacos U10 White 18 0 1 17 14 88 -74 1

End of season report

Joint Winners of the Watford Friendly League Purple Division

Plate Winners at Harefield 6-a-side Tournament

An excellent season for the Falcons, plenty of ups and downs on and off the pitch but in the end it was the boys who triumphed and I am extremely proud of the team’s achievements this season. It has been a privilege for me to have such a successful season and it is a credit to Nascot Wood that other managers came into the fold and helped with not only my team but with Youth Development.

Russell Cole has been developing the team during training and coping admirably as I took charge of Youth Development. Brian Silver also came in to help us more on a Sunday, refereeing our home games and helping to manage the boys at away games I would like to think that between the three of us we have developed a good understanding and are in tune with what we all expect from the team.

By Christmas we were doing well in the league as a team when I made a momentous decision to expand the team to 13 players in preparation for next seasons move to 11-a-side. So by the second-half of the season we had all 13 boys turn up on Sunday which made life difficult during matches, but credit to them they had a great team spirit and they all seemed to gel together. The trophy is no more than they deserved for all the effort they have put in over the seasons and I am impressed with the way the new boys – Sammy Ogunware, Louis Smart, Mathias Panayiotou and Gabriel Norton – have all fitted into the team.

There will be three more boys joining the ranks for next season and I am hoping we have not got too big a squad but one thing I have learnt over the years is you can only try and be prepared for what a league season will throw at you and every week something will surprise, annoy and frustrate you or all three. All you can hope for is a decent bunch of lads who try their best, and I fortunately have that with the Falcons.

As I have mentioned Russell and Brian have been a tremendous help once again this season. There was also help from Oliver Beaumont who gave up his time, Mick and Andy of the U11 Hawks have also helped us out, as well as Jason and Darren from U11 Falcons and Sean (U13’s). It was great to see Radlett Road flowing with purple and black jackets everywhere, even when there was a rugby match on, and this has helped us attract more youngsters to the club.

A lot of credit needs to go to Eric Tocher who’s sound advice and listening to my moans has made running Youth Development and my team a lot easier. Eric’s training sessions on Tuesday evenings have certainly helped develop the players. Both he and Simon have been really helpful to me and I was glad to see the Hawks get runners-up in the Blue Division.

There have been some great games played by the Falcons this season and it has been difficult to play everyone and whatever decision you make good or bad will always be frowned upon by others, in the end we had a season of good performances which led to us winning the league jointly with Oakhill Tigers and at the time of writing this Russell led the team to win the Plate at the Harefield 6-a-side tournament.

So it is goodbye to 7-a-side, hello 11- a-side and goodbye to Watford Friendly League as we will now be in the West Herts League next season…the Falcons go marching on.

Sammy Ogunware joined us at the start of the season and he became an instant hit with his team mates with his fine defending and his ability to gain ground on a forward when you thought he would have no chance and then put in a great tackle. He has produced some great form throughout the season and he compliments the fiery tenacity of Jake England and the subtlety and awareness of Alex Withero. I predict the three of them will be a force next season. Jake has given his usual 100 per cent all season and saved us on many occasions as our last line of defence, while Alex has kept his consistency throughout the season and produced a goal from a free kick against Alexandra Park which was one of the Falcons, if not, the goal of the season. Well done to our defensive trio.

Our second signing came a few weeks into the league campaign in the form of Louis Smart who came with lots of energy and enthusiasm grew in confidence as the season progressed. It has been a joy to watch Louis, his decisive penalty against Finchley turned our season and his role in the team next season will be important to us.

We decided to choose four boys and rotate them in goal each week and they were Alexander Beaumont, Stephen Griffin, Charlie Cole and Jordan Ingles - who has been a real star this season. Jordan always turns up for training and matches with a smile and plays his football that way, when we got desperate and nobody wanted to go in goal he would put his hand up. To top it all he was our top scorer and does a great moonwalk which I am still trying to learn. Alexander Beaumont has dominated in games this season and is always a threatening presence, when he has played in goal for us he looks and acts the part but I predict next season will be a great one for him. Stephen Griffin has been managing to miss the woodwork and bang in a few goals, he is always unlucky with his shots, but he is a terrific attacking force for the Falcons and links up well with Jordan and Charlie Griffiths. Charlie was showing some great early form and scoring some great goals as well; sadly he was to miss a few games through injury but has had a fine season and is beginning to put a bit of grit into his game.

Jack Birch was moved into a forward role this season and was unlucky not to have scored on a few occasions; he has played in various positions for us and is a good battler. He always has a good attitude to training showing lots of effort. Charlie Cole had another excellent season putting in some solid performances but this season he got in some great positions and scored some vital goals, I think this is possibly his best season to date. Jack Eaton was involved in some great games and scored some great goals, he has good technique and good awareness and it will be interesting to see him using his ability playing 11-a-side next season.

Mathias Panayiotou was another boy who joined in the second-half of the season and a great character to have around the team. He is a tough little competitor with lots of energy. Mathias is still settling in and finding his position in the team but when he scored his first goal I don’t think I have heard a louder cheer from the mums and dads.

Gabriel Norton The big story of our season was we actually got a goalkeeper; Gabbi became our new goalkeeper and he joined the Falcons during second-half of the season and was a very popular signing. He is a terrific lad and will certainly do well next season but at the moment he is nursing a broken arm and everyone involved with the Falcons wish him a speedy recovery.