2008 2009 Under 11 Hawks


Mick Morris, Andy Crayden



Final Position

P, W, D, L, F, A, D, P

Edmonton Rangers U11 Foxes 16 14 2 0 87 26 +61 44
AC Finchley U11 South 16 13 1 2 85 36 +49 40
Alexandra Park U11 North 16 10 2 4 55 32 +23 32
Enfield Rangers U11 Black 16 7 2 7 45 38 +7 23
Croxley Guild YFC U11 16 6 3 7 47 61 -14 21
AC Finchley U11 North 16 5 3 8 23 34 -11 18
Highgate & Muswell Hill U11 16 5 2 9 35 64 -29 17
Nascot Wood Rangers U11 Hawks 16 3 1 12 44 82 -38 10
Omonia U11 White 16 1 0 15 25 73 -48 3

End of Season Report

Despite all of our preparations for our first season of Eleven-a-side football, the occasion seemed to have had a somewhat negative effect on the marked progression and development we have enjoyed in previous seasons.

In all fairness to the lads, things were stacked against us, playing in the wrong league, suffering from an ongoing injury list worse than Louis Saha and Darren Anderton combined, leaving us unable to field a full side for most of our games and suffering some odd decisions from officials, particularly against Croxley, Omonia and Enfield. Although confidence was lacking, the lads were committed enough to fight back in many a game, overturning considerable half time deficits to just the odd goal.

There is a lot to take on board for next season, specifically our ability to cope with the pace and physical aspects of the game, but knowing the talent and commitment we have in the team, we fully expect to get back to winning ways.

We wish Michael Mensah all the best for the future, as he is leaving us after this season.

As usual we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to all of the parents for their help and unwavering support, running the line and suffering in silence. Also thanks to Rob Simmons for his contribution to training and refereeing.

We would also like to thank our sponsor this season HBG Facilities Management and also pass on our congratulations to all of the NWR teams that have won trophies this season.
  • Zafir Jamil: Zaf “the cat” Jamil, carried on from where he left off last season, albeit despite losing his appendix mid way through the campaign, don’t know who suffered more, Zaf or us?
  • Ronnie Forbes: Ronnie “Lampard” Forbes, played right across the back four and also in midfield, took it in his stride without affecting any of his seventeen hair cuts this season.
  • > Dominic Legister: Dom “JT” Legister, despite his penchant for unwarranted amounts of hair gel, greatly impressed at left back.
  • Ewan Tocher: YoYo “Disco Boots” Tocher, as robust as ever, having now added philosophy to his game, will probably give Eric Cantona a run for his money.
  • Charlie Hewett: Charlie “the Guvner” Hewett, played at the back, midfield and covered for Zaf in goal, does exactly what is says on the tin?
  • Alfie Jenner: Alfie “The Hornet” Jenner, from right wing to right back in one easy move, hairs still to long though, we will be speaking with Brendan Rogers, sure there is a club rule about it.
  • Jack Harris: Jack “Jinky” Harris, covers so much grass he should be pulling a plough, evidently a wiz on the gutair, we expect a cameo on Britains got Talent soon.
  • Harry Morris: Harry “H” Morris, spends so much time in the oppositions penalty box, he is on first name terms with every goalkeeper in the league?
  • Joseph Shepherd: Jo “Odd Job” Shepherd, our captain crusader, so well thought of for his marshalling abilities, surely a career in security beckons.
  • Spencer Day: Spencer “Pierre” Day, despite on insisting wearing his shorts at half mast to resemble 50 cent, has made a remarkable contribution with his effort this season.
  • Michael Mensah: Michael “Mr T” Mensah, impressed everyone with his magical left foot, impressed even more with his impersonations.
  • Matthew Simmons: Matthew “Matty” Simmons, another new addition who has impressed this season, been unlucky with injuries, so we will go easy on the barbs.
  • Sam Hardie: Sam “Hands Full” Hardie, has had a great first season, good team player and tenacious, not sure about his love of Rugby though?