2008 2009 Under 13 Reds


Manager Jim Costigan, Assistant Lee Regan


Shaun Costigan, Connor Smith, Dev Sampat, Jamie Jewell, Harry Whitehead, Ruben Varela, Connor Murphy, Declan Gandee, Tom Barlow, Matthew Barry-Hayes, Ryan Walters, Luke Lyons, Ryan Gardner

Final Position

P, W, D, L, F, A, D, P

Bushey Rangers U13 Hawks 16 11 5 0 83 30 +53 38
Gadeside Rangers U13 Hornets 16 9 2 5 74 39 +35 29
Edmonton Rangers U13 16 8 1 7 69 54 +15 25
Nascot Wood Rangers U13 Reds 15 7 4 4 62 59 +3 25
Borehamwood Youth U13 Lions 15 7 3 5 46 40 +6 24
Whetstone Wanderers U13 Jaguars 16 7 1 8 47 53 -6 22
Bridgegale Rovers U13 16 7 0 9 63 63 +0 21
Croxley Guild YFC U13 Cougars 16 4 5 7 47 61 -14 17
Harvesters U13 South 16 0 1 15 26 118 -92 1

End of Season Report

Sixth season under our belt with the lads maturing in to young men, characters changing and developing. It is interesting to look back at the some of the boys that started out six years ago as seven year olds and compare them today. As always, I gain great pleasure out see them grow older and forming tight friendships that hopefully will continue long after their football days and possible continue with their children hopefully also playing for Nascot Wood Rangers.

The last two years I have been able to write about the trophy that the lads have won to round off season but this season mainly revolved around the drive to win the league which was within their grasp but slipped in the last few games.

We kicked off the start of the year by winning the first few games and sitting at the top of the league but heading into the cold months we had a few draws where maybe we could have ground out the results with a bit more stamina and grit and possibly lost a few crucial points. We ended up scoring more goals than anyone in the league but also let in, not the most but too many, which is something we need to concentrate on next season.

We finished a respectable fourth but towards the end of the season, we were the only team that were in a position to stop and beat Bushey Rangers, the eventual winners. That Sunday was very disappointing for the players as this was the only game all season where we did not start with at eleven players due to sickness. The lads that were there showed true grip for the first thirty minutes hold them to Nil Nil but the first goal was a killer. I have no doubt that with a full team the result could have been very different and the season run in much more interesting. Nevertheless, Bushey were very worthy winners of the league.

The target for next year will be to win our league. I am confident that the team we will be fielding will be stronger than last year but it is essential that we concentrate on defending from the front players when we loose the ball and keep chasing down are opponents.

I am delighted to welcome three new players to the team this year that will provide a few more options in midfield and additional speed and options in our back four. Unfortunately, Ruben has decided to move on after three years with the team but I wish him well and he will always be welcome back.

As always, I am looking forward to next year full of expectation and ideas that I would like to try to help the boys gain that edge but I feel that winning and loosing of games depends on the mood and mind frame of the lads on the day. The magic formula is get lads the lads to turn up full of enthusiasm, every player to encourage each other no matter what happens and keeping fighting for every ball until the final whistle. Does anyone have Wengers address?

See you all next season.