2008 2009 Under 18


Manager John Wadeson, Coach Garry Savage


Simeon Armstrong, Daniel Savage, Ashley Fongho, Chris Fountain, Ben Wilks, Ben Taylor, Kyle Jones, Billy Brewer, Ryan Wadeson, Tom Hathaway, Will Baker, Dominic Dickinson, Myles Stephenson, Jason Ting

Final Position

P, W, D, L, F, A, D, P

London Maccabi Lions U18 18 11 3 4 58 35 +23 36
Nascot Wood Rangers U18 18 11 2 5 71 36 +35 35
AC Finchley U18 South 18 10 2 6 74 44 +30 32
Herons Youth U18 18 10 2 6 55 55 +0 32
Highgate & Muswell Hill U18 18 8 4 6 51 46 +5 28
Everett Rovers U18 18 8 3 7 43 46 -3 27
Alexandra Park U18 West 18 6 1 11 25 60 -35 19
London Road U18 18 4 5 9 48 58 -10 17
Chorleywood U18 Phoenix 18 5 2 11 34 49 -15 17
Hemel Aces U18 Black 18 4 2 12 29 59 -30 14

End of Season Report

What a crazy up and down season with many positives and negatives through players leaving and players joining, injuries galore, but topped off with a fantastic runners up spot.

During pre-season the management (US) were thinking this would be a hard and potentially our last season due to either work commitments or the early signals that we would find it hard to field a team every Sunday. The lads had suddenly grown up and football was no longer the love of their life, but had become secondary to partying, women and staying in bed recovering on Sunday mornings.

Garry and I always dream of World domination and lots of silverware, as we have always had tremendous respect for the ability of our boys and after 11 years together they had achieved silverware in every season apart from one.

The season started with major problems in respect to only having at best 10 x fit players , which resulted in us losing the first three games of the season. Results lost 5-2 with 8 x players, lost 6-5 with 9 x players and finally lost 4-2 with 8 x players after having 2 x players sent off.

This meant we had to sit the boys down and ask them whether we should continue, which was pretty emotional for some of the boys and us, due to the many years we have been together. This heart to heart proved to be our turning point with the boys managing to get new players to join, which also coincided with the return of one particular player from long term injury.

As a result over the next ten games we progressed from rock bottom to suddenly finding ourselves back in the title hunt (Top three), even though the achievement had cost us severely through both silly (ill) discipline and player suspension.(Big apologies to the club).

I must mention one particular game against Highgate and Muswell Hill, who were one of best sides in the division and definitely title contenders. Playing away, hailstones, minus 1 in temperature, mud everywhere and only having 9 x players. Versus a top team with 15 x players and home referee and advantage - You guessed it we won the game 6-0 Fantastic with the boys and especially Ben Wilkes being world class.

Anyway after this point I’m afraid we committed title suicide through players either not showing up, injuries or again poor displays and self discipline. This all resulted in us losing our last league game of the season with initially starting with 8 x players and ending with 10 x players – Score lost 2-1, which proved to be the difference between us winning the league and finishing second by 1 point.

Special Mentions:

Welcome back Chris Fountain Again – Broken fibia, tibia ankle and toes – First Tackle back all guns blazing and some great displays only then to dislocate his knee two games before the end of the 2007/08 season. He again made his comeback in January 2009 and was again amazing with his total commitment and some fine displays.

In the main the team played their hearts out especially when playing with only eight to ten players and Garry and I would like to thank you all for your outstanding efforts.

It has been fantastic over the past 11 x years/seasons and the players are all now like family, so thanks chaps and we will enjoy our retirement and will attend as spectators/supporters when we can.

Parents Special Thanks:

  • Steve Brewer – Thank you for your great help with Training and on Sunday’s! And good luck for next Season.
  • John Fountain – Linesman and Referee of the Year
  • Tony Ting– Great support thank you!

    The Management John and Garry