2009 - 2010 U18


Steve Brewer
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John Fountain

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Football League :
Home Ground :
Watford Friendly - U18 White Division Link to League tables
Queens School (North Side),
Aldenham Road, Bushey,
Hertfordshire, WD23 2TY
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Date Team Competition Score MOTM Scorers
6th Sept Edmonton rangers league 7-2 win Sim ArmstrongChris Edwards,Jason Ting
13th Sept Edmonton rangers League cup first round 7-3 win George BakerArmstrong 2/Jason Ting 2/ Ben Wilks 3
20th Sept Bedmond Ajax s league 2-1 win Chris Fountain Simeon Armstrong 1 (PEN) Alex Sulivan 1
27th Sept Berkhamstead Raiders Red Challenge Cup First Round 7-0 win Alex SullivanAnthony Kalli 1, Simeon Armstrong 1, Dominic Dickinson 1, Jason Ting 1, Alex Sullivan 3
4th Oct Northwood Redleague 9-1 win Liam Grosso Anthony Kalli 1, Jason Ting 1, Alex Sullivan 3, Adam Fullylove 2, Simeon Armstrong 1, OG 1
11th Oct St Albans Rangers one eightleague 5-2 win Billy BrewerSimeon Armstrong 1, Jason Ting 3, Billy Brewer 1
18th Oct Comets County Cup 2-1 Loss Tom HathawaySimeon Armstrong
25th Oct Southgate League Cup 2nd Round 5-4 Win Sim ArmstrongBilly Brewer 3 Ben Wilks1 alex Sullivan 1
8th Nov London Maccabi Lions League 6-1 Win Jason TingSimeon Armstrong 3 Jason Ting 2 Alex Sullivan 1
13th Dec St Albans Rangers one-eightLeague 3-1 Win Ben WilksBen Wilks 2 Alex Sullivan 1
24th Jan London MaccabiLeague 4-1 Win Tom HatahwayAnthony Kalli 1 Alex Sullivan 3
7th Feb Potters Bar BlackChallenge Cup Round 2 7-2 Win Ben WilksSimeon Armstrong 1 George Baker 1 Alex Sullivan 2 Ben Wilks 3
14th Feb Potters Bar BlackLeague 5-1 Loss Tom HathawayGeorge Baker
21st Feb Sun Postal YellowLeague Cup Third Round 2-2 Won (Pen 6-5) Harry RaphaelAlex Sullivan 1 Ben Wilks 1, (Pentaly Takers:Ben Wilks 1 Chris Fountain 1 Billy Brewer 1 Tom Hataway 1 Sim Armstrong 1 Harry Raphael 1)
7th Mar Sun Postal YellowChallenge Cup 3 Round 1-1 Won (Pen 4-3) Will BakerSimeon Armstrong 1 Pens: Ashely Fongho, Billy Brewer,Tom Hatahway,Simeon Armstrong
14th Mar Minchenden Youth Oaks League Cup Quarter Final3-1 Loss Anthony KalliAlex Sulivan
21st Mar Borehamwood League 4-2 Loss Tom SamsomAlex Sullivan 2
28th Mar Sun Postal League 1-2 Loss Chris FountainBen Wilks
18th Apr Bedmond Ajax League 3-2 Won Simeon ArmstrongSimeon Armstrong 3
25th Apr Potters Bar League 6-3 Won Simeon ArmstrongSimeon Armstrong 4, Dominic Dickinson 1, Harry Raphael 1
27th Apr Northwood Red League 0-2 Loss Chris Fountain
2nd May Sun Postal Blue League 2-4 Loss Liam GrossoSimeon Armstrong 1 Harry Raphael 1
2nd May Sun Postal Blue League 4-3 Win Simeon ArmstrongDominc Dickinson 1, Ashely Fongho 1, Alex Sullivan 2
9th May Borehamwood 2000 League 6-1 Win Billy BrewerSimeon Armstrong 3 Alex Sullivan 2 Ashely Fongho 1


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