2010 - 2011 U12 Hawks


Eric Tocher
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Football League: West Herts - U12 Division 1 Link to League tables
Home ground : Queens School (Power League side)
Aldenham Road, Bushey,
Watford Hertfordshire, WD23 2TY
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Date Team H/A Comp Score MOTM Scorers
12th Sept St Albans City North Home League Match 3-1 win Oliver Verlander Jamie Gerred (2), Oliver Verlander
19th Sept Watford Youth White Away League Match 5-3 Win Sam Waller Sam Waller (3), Jamie Gerred, Harry Warwick
26th Sept Hemel Stags Aces Lions Home League Match 3-2 Loss Oliver Verlander Javaid Payne, Luke Wilson
3rd Oct Chorley Wood Lions Away League Match 4-6 Loss Luke Nugent Sam Waller, Jamie Gerred, Jo Baldwin, Nick Wing
10th Oct Hendon United Home League Match 2-2 Harry Warwick Robbie Tocher, OG
17th Oct St Albans West Away Cup 3-3 Won on Pen 5-3 Joe Baldwin Joe Baldwin, Javid Payne, Harry Warwick, Pen (Joe Baldwin, Luke Wilson, Robbie Tocher, Jaime Gerred, Sam Waller)
24th Oct No game
31st Oct Hemel Town Youth Away League Match 5-0 Luke Nugent Nick Wing, Alex Beaumont, Hakim, Samm Waller, Harry Warwick
7th Nov Berkhamsted Red Home League Match 4-3 Luke Wilson Javid Payne, Harry Warwick, Robbie Tocher, Oliver Verlander
21st Nov Wodson Youth Home County Cup Round 2 12-3 Jamie Gerred Jamie Gerred (7), Harry Warwick(2), Robbie Tocher (1), Sam Waller (1), Nick Wing (1)
28th Nov Hemel Town Youth Home League Match Postponed
5th Dec Hendon United Away League Match Postponed
12th Dec Hemel Athletic Away County Cup Round 3 3-3, win 4-2 on pen Luke Wilson OG, Harry Warwick, Joe Baldwin (Pen). Penalties:Joe Baldwin, Luke Wilson, Jamie Gerred, Robbie TOcher
19th Dec Chorley Wood Lions Home League Match Postponed
26th Dec No Fixtures
2nd Jan No Fixtures
16th Jan Hemel Town Youth Home League 9-0 Team Jamie Gerred (5), Sam Waller (2), Oliver Verlander (2)
23rd Jan Hemel Aces Away County Cup 0-4 Loss Hakim Nyaraki
30th Jan Chorley Wood Away Cup 1-5 Sam Harris Sam Waller
6th Feb Hendon United Away League 1-0 Win Sam Waller Jamie Gerred
20th Feb Hemel Aces Away League 3-0 (Lost) Luke Wilson
6th Mar Watford Youth Home League 1-2 (Lost) Alex Beaumount Hakim Nyaraki
13th Mar Garston Boys Home League 10-1 (Won) Oliver Verlander Harry Warwick (2), Jamie Gerred (2), Oliver Verlander (2), Alex Beaumont (1), Joe Baldwin (1), Robbie over head Tocher(1), OG
20th Mar St Ablans North Home League Cup 1-6 (Lost) Joe Baldwin Jamie Gerred
27th Mar St Ablans North Away League up 3-1 (Won) Javid Payne Jamie Gerred (1), Harry Warwick (2)
3rd Apr St Ablans City Away League Cup 2-3 (Lost) Luke Wilson, Sam Waller Jamie Gerred, Nick Wing
10th April Berkhamsted Red Home League Match 1-2 Nick Wing Sam Waller
8th May Chorleywood Home League Cup 3-0 (Won) Team Jamie Gerred, Harry Warwick, Robbie Tocher


Under 12 Div 1 Season 2010-2011

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