2010 - 2011 U14


Bryan Cross
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ian Baker

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Football League :
Home Ground :
Watford Friendly - Yellow Division Link to League
Woodside Leisure Centre,
Woodside Playing fields,
Horseshoe Lane, Watford, WD25 7HH
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Date Team H/A Comp Score MOTM Scorers
12th September Hadley Rangers Home Challenge Cup 5-1 (win) Calum Tocher 2, Sam Baker 1, Connor Kennedy 1, Luke Verlander 1.
19/9/2010 St Albans Rangers Away League 9-2 (won) Calum Tocher(3), Conner Callis(3), Stephen Lee, Connor Kennedy, Rosario Perrone.
26/09/2010 AC Finchley North Home League Cup 9-1 (lost) Connor kennedy Luke Verlander
03/10/2010 VP Knights Home League game 0-9 (Lost)
10/10/2010 Bedmond Ajax Away League 5-3 (win) Calum Tocher, Conor Peters(2), Conner Callis (2)
17/10/2010 Hatfield Town Home COUNTY CUP 3-3 won 4-3 on penalties Calum Tocher, Conner Callis (2) Penalties: Jamie Wise, Conner Callis, Connor Kennedy and Ben Fullylove (sudden death).
31/10/2010 Berkhamstead Rangers Home League 4-3 (win) Connor Kennedy, Conner Callis (2), Sam Baker
07/11/2010 St Albans City North Home Challenge Cup round 2. 0-8 (loss)
14/11/2010 Bury Rangers Away COUNTY CUP 4-3 (lost after extra time) Rohin Shah, Luke Verlander, Rosario Perrone.
21/11/2010 Panaithinaikos Home League 0-12 (lost)
12/12/2010 Pinner away League 1-3 (lost) Sam Baker
09/01/2011 Oakhill Tigers Home League 2-6 (lost) Calum Tocher (2)
23/01/2011 Brady Maccabi Away League 3-1 (WON !!!) Conner Callis, Ben Fullylove, Luke Verlander
30/01/2011 Berkhamstead Raiders Away League 4-1 (Won) Rohin Shah Calum Tocher, Conner Callis (3)
06/02/2011 Edson Home League 2-4 (Lost) Conor Peters, Conner Callis
13/02/2011 Pinner Home League 2-12 (lost) Conner Callis (2)
20/02/2011 Northwood Home League 0-1 (lost)
27/02/2011 Oakhill Tigers Away League 2-8 (Lost) Adam Bischoff, Rohin Shah
06/03/2011 Edson Away League 0-2 (lost)
13/03/2011 VP Knights Away League 1-6 (lost) Calum Tocher
20/03/2011 Borehamwood Away League 3-4 (lost) Conner Callis, Conor Kennedy, Luke Verlander
27/03/2011 Brady Maccabi Home League 0-2 (Won)
03/04/2011 St Albans Rangers Home League 7-1 (Won) Conor Peters (3), Conner Callis (2), Ben Fullylove, Luke verlander
10/04/2011 Panathinaikos Away League 2-5 (lost) Conor Peters, Conner Callis
13/04/2011 Northwood Away League 0-7 (lost)


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