2012 - 2013 U15 Eagles


Daren Hart
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Daniel Nembhard

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Football League: Watford Friendly - U15 White Division Link to League tables
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Home ground : Queens School (North Side),
Aldenham Road, Bushey,
Hertfordshire, WD23 2TY
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Date Team H/A Comp Score MOTM Scorers
11/09/12 Kings Langley Knights Away League 7-2 (lost) James Mcgarry Jim James Mc(2)
16/09/12 Potters Bar Crusaders Blue Away County Cup 0-6 (Won) Lewis Denham James Yallop, James McGarry, Tom Pountain 3, Joe Marks
23/09/12 AC Finchley South H League Cup 1-6 (lost) James Yallop James Yallop
07/10/12 Omonia H League 6-5 (won) Sam L James McGarry (3) Tom Pountain (3)
14/10/12 Kimpton Rovers H County Cup 12-1(won) Tom and Joe James McGarry (3) Tom Pountain (5) Joash Nembhard (1) Lewis Denham (1) Joe Marks (2)
21/10/12 Kings Langley Knights H League 6-3(won) Paolo Dertis James McGarry (2) Tom Pountain (2) Joash Nembhard (1) Joe Marks (1)
28/10/12 Whetstone Wanderers Tigers H League 1-1 Jamie Hart Sam Lynch
11/11/12 London Maccabi Lions White H County Cup 1-9 (lost) Charlie Armitage Joe Marks
18/11/12 Edmonton Foxes H League 3-2 (won) Cameron Quinn Joash Nembhard, James McGarry, OG
02/12/12 Hadley Wood & Wingate Herons A League 0-2 (won) Joash Nembhard James McGarry, Tom Pountain
16/12/12 Echos A League 6-0(lost) Charlie Armitage
06/01/13 Gadeside Rangers H League 2-6(lost) James Yallop Lewis Denham, Joash Nembhard
13/01/13 Highgate & Muswell Hill H League 3-2 (won) Matthew Thorn Tom Pountain (2), Cameron Quinn
24/02/13 Gadeside A Challenge Cup 8-2(lost) Mo Jallow Jake Swaine, Mo Jallow
03/03/13 Highgate & Muswell Hill A League 0-2 (won) Charlie Armitage Tom Pountain, Jake Swaine
10/03/13 Edmonton Rangers A League 0-1 (won) Jake Swaine Jake Swaine
17/03/13 Whetstone Wanderers Tigers A League 4-2 (Lost) Jake Swaine Jake Swaine(2)
07/04/13 Gadeside A League 2-3 (Won) Sam Lynch James McGarry, Jake Swaine, Sam Lynch
14/04/13 Cassiobury Rangers Panthers H League 4-3(Won) Martin Jackson Tom Pountain, Jake Swaine (2), James McGarry
21/04/13 Echoes H League 3-2 (won) Paolo Deritis Cameron Quinn, Tom Pountain, Joash Nembhard
28/04/13 Cassiobury Rangers Panthers A League 1-4(won) Sam Lynch Mo Jallow, James McGarry, OG, Tom Pountain
12/05/13 Hadley Wood & Wingate U15 Herons A League 4-0 (won) J.Yallop OG J.Swaine(2) J.Yallop
19/05/13 Omonia Green A League 6-3 (lost) C.Armitage L.Denham, T.Poutain, c.Quinn

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